Posted: April 13, 2011 in greed, gun, Meghan Brown, pageant

>For the old school hip-hoppers, I’m sure that you are very familiar with the title of this post.

Cash Rules Everything Around Me was a Wu-Tang chant for the ages. If you’re curious or just need a flash back, then click here and you won’t be disappointed.

Oh, how I miss real rap.

But, I digress. Let me tell you a story about a lady named Meghan Brown. This bombshell Florida beauty queen had a run-in with an intruder. Let me allow you to read the details from TheClutchMagazine.com:

Dude still has bruises under both eyes

“On March 12th, the former Miss Tierra Verde pumped four bullets into Albert Hill, an intruder who broke into her home.

After Hill, 43, forced himself into the mansion she shares with her fiancé, they began to scuffle. During the robbery, Hill apparently demanded money and punched Brown’s fiancé, Bobby Planthaber, repeatedly in the face. Upon seeing her fiancé struggle with the intruder, Brown grabbed her .38-caliber pink pistol and fired, killing Hill.

Although the “modern day Stacey Dash” and her fiancé insist the robber, Albert Hill, was a stranger, the police aren’t so sure. Even though he’s dead, the investigation is ongoing.”

Now, that’s not quite the entire story. At least not the part I want to discuss. It seems that Meghan recognizes that her window for 15 minutes of fame has opened from this tragic event. Shortly after her shooting incident, guess who’s doing photo shoots with hopes of doing ads for the NRA and / or Smith & Wesson?

How many guys are going out to buy a gun right now based solely on this ad?

I won’t lie. I bought six guns myself after seeing this. Anyway, here’s Brown’s take on things,“I wanted to make some money. I wanted to capitalize on this. I’m the perfect example of why women should have a gun,” Brown told The Daily.

Hey, at least she’s honest on both accounts. She admitted to wanting to make a few coins off of the shooting and she was right in saying women should be able to defend themselves. Although Meghan doesn’t necessarily need a gun to defend herself. A year ago, she went WWE on her fiancé to the point that he had to call the police for help. She did a Chris Brown (any relation?) on him and attacked him in parked car with blows to the face and chest. She said she only slapped him because he put her dog out of the car in an attempt to get her out since he was breaking up with her.

Side note: how did this 43-year old chinless, Gumby look-a-like pull a nugget like Meghan? Guys, it just goes to show that any man can look like a nickel and find a “dyme” long as he has some game.

Does Meghan deserve her shot at fame? Should the killing of an intruder lead to her being a sexy spokeswoman for a gun company?

What do you think?

  1. >I think she's starting her 15 minutes. I hope she uses it wisely.And DUDE! Nice layout!

  2. Thank, Q says:

    >Thanks, LiI! She has the look, the question is: can she market it? Might be tough since she's still under investigation.

  3. theTsaritsa says:

    >I love Wu-Tang Clan, witty unpredictable talent and natural game. It's funny that's she posing for the NRA, but in this day and age I'm not really surprised. And I agree that her dude is super ugly. Yuck.

  4. Thank, Q says:

    >"Wu-Tang Clan ain't nuthin' to f with!" Well, you know the quote. I can't say that I blame her for trying to make a dollar either. Does it lack taste? Yes. But, so does breaking and entering.

  5. THUNDERCAT says:

    >Damn I'm loving the new look homie! Plus I hope she works her 15 minutes…because usually chicks like that are forgotten about after a few commerecials 😉

  6. Thank, Q says:

    >Thanks, T-cat. But, how could someone forget a lady who looks like that AND has a gun on you? LOL!

  7. The Empress says:

    >Loving the new look of your blog. You really can't blame her for trying to capitalize on a bad situation, however, doing so this early on seems to call into question her level of credibility. It will be interesting to see what the outcome of the police investigation will be.

  8. Sonia says:

    >Well I too have (4) friends in my closet:- Marlin 22- Marlin 22- Remington 243- Remington 270If anyone wants to come meet me in my house, they will have my boyfriend, myself, my 2 dogs and my (4) friends in my closet waiting for them. In regards to the beauty queen, I hope it was a stranger and nothing that will slap her back in the face. Either way, I hope her 15 min lasts long, because trying to pull 1 hour out of a hat is like getting vanilla ice another rap record deal: Not gonna happen!

  9. Thank, Q says:

    >@ Empress – hopefully she's legit and didn't shoot someone she knew. Even if he was a stalker or something, if it comes out she was dishonest at all, it will be trouble.@ Sonia – Ice, ice, baby! LOL! Vanilla Ice is on HGTV now, so he's way past the rap game. Also, remind me to call first if I ever visit your home! LOL!

  10. >If folks want to capitalize on their fifteen minutes of fame – like Antoine (they rapin' eeery-body up in here! hide your kids…) – then so be it. But, what I find especially creepy is that she KILLED someone – THAT in and of itself makes me not want to own a gun. I know that people say if you have a gun, you'd better be prepared to kill someone if you have to use it – I'd be more inclined to aim for the knee caps. And then I'D be the jackass who gets my gun wrestled away from me and turned back on me. That's why I choose not to have one (oh, yeah…and I have a little kid with sticky fingers in my house!).

  11. Thank, Q says:

    >Yeah, Reck, you definitely don't want to own one if you're not planning on using it. My father passed down some knowledge to me from his father, "if you pull a gun, use it." Hey, maybe she and Antoine can do a movie together! They can be super heroes! Rape Buster and Itchy Trigger. "Hide your kids, hide your wife, and your husbands cause we shooting e'rbody out here!"

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