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I was watching the “Amber Rose Show” just recently.  In all honesty, I was watching the show for all of the wrong reasons.  I just think that Amber Rose is smoking hot, so I decided to tune in.  But the show was so awful that I know that I won’t be watching it again.

The entire show was basically Amber Rose asking women questions about sex.  Women were disclosing everything from how many side dudes they’ve had to being on top during sex.  Some people call it “women empowerment” and other people call it “women being promiscuous”.  Whatever you want to call it is totally dependent on your upbringing.

As for my upbringing, I was taught that sex was something sacred.  You didn’t share what you did with everyone.  It was deemed disrespectful to your partner to discuss your sexual experiences with them to someone else.

Fast forward to today and everyone is doing it.  People are getting on TV, radio, and social media and discussing their sex lives like they’re talking about their day at work or something.  I watched Amber Rose talk about sex for her entire show except for the last segment (which was only a couple of minutes long).  She “interviewed” rapper, T.I., and asked him his favorite sex position, the craziest place he’s had sex, and if he masturbated.

I was thinking to myself, “how in the world are kids going to not be teen parents if all they see on TV is how much fun sex is?”

I guarantee you that there are a ton of kids under 18 years old watching Amber’s show and shows like hers.  It’s not like parents pay attention to what their children watch.  A ton of the girls watching probably want to be Amber Rose and a ton of boys want a girl like her.  She has a glamorous lifestyle and makes a lot of money for basically doing nothing truly talented.  Who wouldn’t want that life?

But, back to the topic… Sex isn’t sacred any more.  People will tell you all of their business without any thoughts to how you feel about it or how their partner would feel if they found out.  And if you feel awkward discussing it with them, then you’re looked at as someone abnormal.  A conversation that may have been reserved to close friends and siblings is now something you can get from a coworker you barely know.

In roughly 30 years, the United States has done a 180 degree turn around in morals.  Sex is “empowering” and not something kept private.  Cursing is simply just talking and not something done out of the public’s earshot.  Being reckless with your life is no longer scolded, but it is praised by everyone for you “expressing yourself” (and sometimes rewarded with money and fame).

Nothing is sacred any more.  TV has dumbed down in 30 years what took hundreds of years to create.  The end result is me watching Amber Rose ask a woman if she has a side dude (actually, “dude” wasn’t the d-word that she used) and this young lady must have named 10+ guys.  She was applauded for it.

To each their own, I guess.  It makes me wonder what conversations are parents having in households across the U.S. with their children?  Is this type of thing even being discussed?  Based on what I’m seeing on TV, it is being discussed.  Just by celebrities instead of parents.


I think that it’s ridiculous the number of people that I encounter who have entitlement issues.  Being active on Twitter and Facebook will subject you to so many people who no idea what it takes to be a decent human being yet alone maintain a relationship or a friendship.

Since when did “I get what I want or else” become the standard for relationships/friendships?

Reality TV is the epitome of what not to do in a relationship or marriage.  The reality shows that are centered around family basically show one spouse trying to one-up the other.  It’s all about leverage.  One person is constantly trying to have his or her way without any regards to the other person’s feelings.  It’s the most pathetic way for any couple to live.

Sadly, our kids are being brought up in this environment and yes, they will be worse.  Why?  Because it’s all they know in regards to how relationships work (unless their parents teach them otherwise).  People around 30 years old and up grew up with shows like The Cosby Show or Family Ties.  They know what a normal family looks like.

People between 20-30 grew up on Martin, Living Single, Seinfeld and other shows that promoted shacking or fast-moving relationships.  You didn’t see too many marriages in the 90’s in regards to popular sitcoms.

People under 20 watched The Simple Life, Jersey Shore, Real Housewives of (Insert City Here), Love & Hip-Hop, etc.  They’ve seen nothing but dysfunction in regards to relationships and family structure.  They see constant examples of people disrespecting their mate, family, friends and even themselves.  They think that if someone isn’t doing what they want them to do, then it’s okay to do things to hurt them emotionally, verbally and in some cases physically.

That treatment has now become the standard for a lot of people.  If someone says something to hurt their mate’s feelings, then there are no apologies.  There is no understanding.  Just a “sucks to be you” attitude is all you’ll get from the offender.  Because if you don’t agree with them then you’re their enemy.  It’s personal.  You’re against them.  “How dare you not see my point of view although I don’t care about yours!”

When it comes to friendship, if you find yourself not caring what someone thinks of you, then something is wrong.  I’m not saying that a person’s opinion of you defines who you are, but I am saying that something is fundamentally wrong with someone who is okay with having enemies.

How many of these ignorant memes have you seen on IG:

“Trust gets you killed?” Uh, who are you trusting? Scarface?

I’m not even sure if I know what this means, but it had a ton of Likes on IG.

Excuse the language on the photo, but I wanted to show the pure ignorance that exists in cyberspace.  IG is a place where people with absolutely nothing to say have an audience.  It just reinforces the bad attitudes that we see in society.  If your friend seems to be spending more time with other people than you, then you call them “fake.”  If your mate doesn’t do the things you want them to do, then they’re disrespecting you.  Relationships and friendships grow harder and harder to maintain every day because people just can’t see that their attitude is the problem and not the people around them.

I spend a lot of time chatting with people online and talking to them on radio shows and podcasts.  They all ask the same questions about having friends or a significant other yet refuse to believe that everything starts with them.  Whenever I ask about what they bring to the table they go into defense mode.  It’s always someone else’s fault.  SMH.

What brings about that sense of entitlement that makes a person think they’re always right?

West Coast fans have it bad thanks to social media.

(steps on soapbox)

I’m sick of it to the point that I have to blog about it..

Stop it… Just stop it…

Stop thinking that what you have to say is somehow more important than anyone else. 

Stop thinking that putting something on Facebook or Twitter somehow turns you into Anderson Cooper or Rachel Maddow. 

Wait. You may be confused. Let me explain:

First of all, when I say “overshare,” I’m not talking about the people who put too much information on their timelines. TMI is a problem in social networking, but it can usually be ignored easily. Besides, seeing an older co-worker discuss increasing the fiber in his diet doesn’t really impact me.

The people that I can’t stand are the spoilers. The people who watch sporting events, movies, and/or TV shows and choose to disclose every single plot point or game score on their timeline. Those are the people that I wish I could ship off to a remote island with no cell phone signal or Wi-Fi.

The reason that I hate them is because they force me to live in a bubble because they can’t keep their mouths closed! They’re so selfish and arrogant that they feel as if they have a right to reveal information to you and ruin your experience! They’re too self-centered to ponder if you may want to watch the show and enjoy the revelation of each storyline just as they did. No, you don’t get to have that luxury because they typed out the entire show on their timeline!

(takes a deep breath)

The perfect example of this is the ABC hit show, “Scandal.”  If you don’t watch that show as it airs, then you may as well turn off every electronic in your home until you do.  Everywhere you look, someone will post important information about the show that will ruin your viewing experience.  “Fitz got shot!”  “Mellie got raped!”

Dag, at least give me a week.  SMH.  People on the West Coast must really hate the time difference because they literally have to disconnect from social media for two hours prior to any relevant show.  If not, they will have someone spoil the show appear on their timeline.

Another example is sports.  There were two college bowl games that I wanted to see this week.  One on Monday and one on Tuesday.  Both came on in the mid-afternoon prior to me getting off of work.  To be able to go home and enjoy the recording of the game, I had to eliminate Facebook and Twitter from my afternoon.  Despite the fact that I don’t follow ESPN or any TV sports personalities on social media, I still have to disconnect because everyone else on my timeline doesn’t care if I want to enjoy the game or not.

I failed to make it home both days without knowing the scores to the game.  Despite the fact that I disconnected from social media, an associate felt the need to “share” the score with me and ruin my evening.  Although I chose to avoid Facebook and Twitter, she didn’t.  And with all of that technology at her finger tips, she couldn’t wait to reveal the score of the game as if I had some sort of appreciation for it.  As if I had no way of ever being able to watch the game once I got home.  Like DVR’s haven’t been invented.

I came home both evenings and deleted the recordings of the games without watching them.  Why would I watch?  I already knew the final score.  What’s the point?  The opportunity to watch the game unfold was taken from me by some selfish individual.

Look, I get that watching TV with a bunch of followers/friends is exciting.  I chat during shows, too, but I never reveal anything in my tweets because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone.  Social media has options for people to create private groups in which to discuss things.  Why not create a private group so people who are watching the show live can chat it up with you?  Wouldn’t that be better than spoiling it for people who have to work or maybe live on the West Coast?

Then again, if you do that, then that would mean that you actually have to put forth an effort to consider other people’s feelings, huh?  Please just choke yourself to sleep.  Wake up.  Repeat. 

(steps off soapbox)

I’m embarrassed to say what I did, Olivia. SMH.


Those who have followed me for a minute know that I’m a huge football fan.  Especially the NFL.  (Sigh)  I almost feel dirty typing this, but tonight, I did the unthinkable.  Tonight, I did something that could possibly get my Man Card revoked.  Tonight, I chose to watch the hit show “Scandal” over Thursday night football.

What intrigues me so much about “Scandal” is the writing.  The show writers do an excellent job of taking you down a path, getting you comfortable, and then blindsiding you with something completely out of left field.  Top that off with a cast of amazing actors who surprisingly left the Emmy’s trophy-less and you have something rare for prime time TV these days… an amazing show.

But, the NFL on Thursday night is a no-brainer for a sports nut, right?  Despite the fact that the game involved two un-sexy teams in Buffalo and Cleveland, it’s still the NFL.  (BTW, the game was pretty entertaining).  I started watching the game at 7:25 PM Central Time and once 8:59 PM CT rolled around, I found myself changing the channel to ABC.

I still love the NFL, but with the magic of DVR’s, I can pause the game, flip over to “Scandal”, and watch the game during commercials.  Although it makes sense to most men to record “Scandal” and watch it after the game, it’s virtually impossible to do due to social media.

If I don’t watch “Scandal” live, then one of my Twitter or Facebook followers will be sure to tweet something that spoils the show.  That’s not what you want in a show like this where the writing is so superior to 95% of the things airing on TV these days.  Shows like “Scandal” spawn copycats like “Deception” or “Betrayal” and all of those other shows with edgy names, but empty stories.  It’s one of those trendsetters that every other station wishes they could duplicate.

I got on the Scandal bandwagon on Day One.  It’s very rare to see an African-American as a lead character on network TV and for it to be a woman made the show more interesting to me.  I wasn’t familiar with show creator, Shonda Rimes, also African-American, and my knowledge of actress, Kerry Washington, was very limited, too.

Despite all of that, I knew after only watching the first few episodes that this show would go down in history as one of the classics.  The ever-changing plot is great and the cast of characters is even greater.  It’s the best cast of actors that I’ve seen on a show since ABC aired “Ugly Betty.”

Dag, I may lose my man card for admitting that I watched that show in its entirety, too.


Don’t feel so bad, guys.  I’ll be back!

This isn’t anything new and I’ve actually blogged about this before, but sitcom kids have got it made.  I’m watching (not by choice) some Disney movie called “Girl vs. Monster” and this girl is talking to her parents like she’s “running things.”  She’s calling her mom “ridiculous” and telling her parents that they’re “ruining her life.”
I think this type of action has been rubbing off on kids for a decade or two now.  Kids absolutely do not respect adults like they should, especially their parents.  I’ve seen parents literally go without so that their kids can enjoy themselves, yet it’s never enough for the children.
Now, it’s unfair of me to completely blame Disney or Teen Nick because they’re just trying to make a buck.  They have no interest in raising your kids and I get that.  Sure, they may act like they care or they may market themselves towards kids, but they just want to be a successful business.  I blame parents for allowing them to watch these channels ad nauseam.  

Parents sit their children down in front of television for hours at a time without a clue to what they’re watching. They think that the Cartoon Network is showing harmless cartoons, but instead they’re showing adult cartoons. They think Disney is all Mickey Mouse Club, but instead, it’s a intermittent display of disrespect being shown to grown ups. They think that Teen Nick is actually benefiting teens when all I tend to see is an inspiration to rebel against parents.

I find it hard to watch some of the shows on these channels because I grew up actually respecting my parents.  Imagine that.  It doesn’t mean that at some point of my teen life I didn’t rebel.  However, it was few and far between and still tactful when it occurred.  I never referred to my parents as “ridiculous” or said that they “were ruining my life” because I knew the sacrifices they made for me and my brother.  I also knew the consequences for showing disrespect.  Not just to them, but to any adult.  Consequences are a thing of the past now.

I knew that my father would rather be hunting instead of watching me at soccer practice.  I knew that my mom would have rather been fishing instead of working overtime to insure my brother and I got what we wanted for Christmas.  Because of this perspective, I never lost sight on who was in charge and I never ever intentionally disrespected either of them.

I’m so thankful to have wonderful god kids and I’m also glad that my lady has very respectful children.  It’s very refreshing to be in their presence and feel the level of respect that they have for me.  To not have to go back and forth with them to get them to respond to the task at hand.

If you want to teach your kid to be worth something in society, then truly monitor what they watch.  If they watch something that isn’t conducive for a young mind, then explain to them that Hollywood is make-believe. You may assume that they know this already, but trust me, many don’t.

Do you think that today’s kids are disrespectful because of unmonitored TV viewing?

Okay, so I’m watching “Scandal” a few weeks ago and I’m tripping over what I’m seeing.  For those not familiar, this show is one of the more popular shows on primetime TV and it’s very interesting.  Creative and twisted writing has made it a show that I would advise anyone to watch.

The show makes you wonder what exactly goes through a man’s mind to make him cheat.  For those who haven’t watched the show (or Season 2 – SPOILER starts), the President of the United States is “whipped” has fallen deeply in love with his side chick (main character of the show).  The side chick no longer wants anything to do with him unless he “earns” her.

The 2013 side chick’s motto: “earn me.”

Wait. What?  The side chick is making demands?  Only in 2013, where the sense of entitlement is at an all-time high in the U.S., would a “jump off” say that you need to “earn me.”  The fact that she’s a side chick means that she came cheaply anyway and now she wants to go to the negotiation table?  “Child, please.”

Anyway, the Prez decides the only way to “earn her” is to show the side chick that he loves her more than anything.  The First Lady threatens the Prez by telling him that if he doesn’t repair their marriage that she’s going to expose his affair on national television.  What does the Prez do?  He lets her do just that.  In fact, the Prez not only allows his wife to expose his marriage on national television, but he allows the First Lady to do it while he’s banging the side chick.  He basically throws away his presidency over the side chick.  (SPOILER ends)

Wow.  When presented with the choice of “coochie or power,” he chose “coochie.”  Now that’s some strong stuff right there!  I don’t want to meet anyone capable of putting that on me to make me throw away my career.  Yeah, you can argue that he loves her, but a married man who cheats doesn’t have a lot of credibility when it comes to love, if you ask me.

I remember when I was in high school, rapper, Ice-T, had a song entitled “Power.”  One of the lyrics from that song is quoted as followed: “The power of sex, if man could overthrow it he’d be king in a day; No way. We’d get rich, hard, and give it away.”

He was basically talking about how men would throw away everything for sex including being a king.  When I heard that song as a teen-ager, I didn’t understand it the depths of that lyric.  However, I now understand it completely as a 41 year old.  I’ve seen countless politicians, numerous co-workers and even friends throw away their marriage because they were dwelling on the “in-between.”

Yes, everyone says that it’s a “man’s world,” but those who are educated know that is the farthest thing from the truth.

Bill was almost a real-life “Scandal” episode.
Tiki left his wife 8 months pregnant with twins and threw away his job for the side chick.
Can love/sex make you leave it all behind?