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So, a couple of more unarmed black men are approached for something petty and ultimately gunned down at the hands of cops.  One of many reasons why I wrote about black people being extinct by the Year 2100.

Let me start off, like every other black writer, by saying that I have nothing against the police.  For some reason, people think that if you’re pro-black that you’re anti-white or anti-cop.

That’s just stupid.

Just because you want to stop breast cancer doesn’t mean that you’re all for cervical cancer.  This blog encourages common sense, so those who actually use it before commenting or inboxing me are appreciated.

The Media

First of all, I’m tired of the media regurgitating the same ol’ rhetoric that means nothing.  I’m tired of hearing “It’s time to have the conversation about…”  About what?  We’ve been talking for 60 years and nothing has changed.  The only difference between 1956 and 2016 is that we have the ability to film the killings today.  The only downside to that is how the media exploits it.  They’re the main reason cops are afraid of black men today.  We’re portrayed as predators and the police hunts us down as such.

The officers being shot last night in Dallas was a tragedy.  The media should be bringing their family together via satellite with the family of the unarmed black men who were recently shot to show their similarities.  Instead, they act as if those grieving black families no longer exist.  Because the shooting of cops is more important to them than of unarmed black men.  Black lives don’t matter, but cops lives do.  The value of their lives are unequal in the eyes of the media.  That nonsense is passed on to the American viewers who ultimately start to subconsciously believe the same thing.

The Police

The same police who scream about how snitching is protecting criminals in the black communities are ALWAYS tight-lipped about one of their own who commits an atrocity against an unarmed black man.

Has anyone in the police department ever stood up and said, “my partner was wrong for shooting that man”?

If so, then I’d love to see a video of it because I’ve never seen it.  Police protect their own yet chastise the black community for doing the same.  The irony in that is astounding!  They want black people to help them find cop killers, but won’t help black people find unarmed black men killers.

Black Cops

If you’re a black cop and you don’t speak out against your own people getting killed, then punch yourself in the throat.  It’s a shame that some black cops will protect the law enforcement brotherhood while ignoring their own.  Is this lady the only cop with guts to speak out against the treatment of her own people?  Does it have to be someone in your family before you start to care?

Oh, I almost forgot.  The Commander in Chief needs to take a stand for the killing of black men like he has for the LGBT community’s rights and health care.  Stop ignoring black people, Mr. President.  This has nothing to do with gun control unless you’re going to start taking guns from the police.


This will never end.  It will never end because we will always have an Us. vs. Them mentality.  There is a ton of evidence of blacks snitching on blacks for the greater good.  When police start doing the same with each other, then maybe some trust can be developed.  When police actually start going to jail, then maybe black folks can be alright with the PD.  When the media actually bad mouths police like they did Christopher Dorner (a former black cop), then maybe black people will come around.

Oh, and Christopher Dorner was a terrorist for sure.  But if you think that he’s much different than the cop who shot Philando Castile, then you’re not capable of understanding the point that I’m trying to make.

Good and bad doesn’t have a color, but we don’t treat it that way.  If it were, then armed white men wouldn’t get taken into custody and bought sandwiches while unarmed black men get taken to the coroner with multiple bullet holes in them.


Another opportunity missed in the capital city of the Magnolia State. The state of Mississippi is known for its parks, waterways, and museums. All of that is an awesome opportunity to educate yourself on nature, history, and more. However, what’s a state without a little fun now and then? And what’s a capital city without family fun events to treat the kids?

For those not familiar with the capital city of Jackson, there really isn’t a lot to do when it comes to tourist entertainment. We locals can usually find things to do to occupy our time now and then.  Whether it’s eating out or visiting live music venues. But, visitors don’t have it as easy. There just isn’t enough on the menu to make someone say, “hey, let’s spend a weekend in Jackson!”

The citizens have blamed the politicians for this dilemma and normally, I would agree with them. But, not this time. This time the citizens appear to have no one to blame but themselves.

An event called “Slide the City” started advertising on social media towards the beginning of Spring. They were taking advanced sales for admission to the biggest water slide the city has ever seen. It’s a huge, mobile water slide that tours cities across the nation and allows people to slide as far as three blocks. What kid wouldn’t enjoy a water slide that goes that far? You would think that people would be all over it and that the advanced orders would sell out quickly. Wrong.

Welcome to Jackson, Mississippi.

A place where people complain that there needs to be more to do, but won’t support what’s already here or wants to come here. SMH. We’ve seen miniature golf courses, go-kart tracks, bowling alleys, arcades, movie theaters, and more all go the way of the dinosaur over the past couple of decades. Once the newness wore off, people stopped going. Once they stopped going, the places basically ran themselves into the ground.

When I was growing up, we had four or five movie theaters in the city. However, we haven’t had one in roughly 20 years and I’m thankful that someone is finally building one that opens next year. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jackson was the only capital city in the nation without a movie theater.

I know that the citizens aren’t 100% the blame for the lack of things to do. I just get frustrated when there’s an opportunity to support something and we choose not to do it. We had a Strikeforce mixed-martial arts event back in 2010 at the Jackson Convention Center. Showtime was there to film the event and there was a huge production behind it. I got my tickets and had a great time watching the fights. But, the enthusiasm and support just wasn’t there.  I don’t think that Showtime has been back to Jackson since and I’m guessing that they won’t ever again.

It’s time to stop blaming politicians for everything. Yes, they can do more to help the city’s entertainment venues grow, but we need to do our part as well to entice entertainment opportunities to come. Businesses see other businesses pulling out of the city and it deters future businesses from coming.

Besides, to deny a water slide in August in Mississippi is just craziness to me. It’s 95+ degrees and you don’t want to slide in water for a weekend?  Now the kids who had their parents pre-order their tickets are disappointed.  They have nothing different to discuss when school returns.

I guess it’s just another day in the capital city.

(This is based on a statement given on my radio show a few weeks ago..)

As of late, the country has been focused on the city of Baltimore. However, very few are talking about how a man died and the police’s role, if any, in his death. Instead we are pounded with video and photos of rioting. I’ve stated on my show numerous times before that I’m against rioting. I said that I didn’t agree with rioters tearing up their own cities.

That was back during the Trayvon Martin trial. Since then we’ve seen the following:

Victor White III, 22, Iberia Parish, La.—March 22, 2014 The coroner says he shot himself while handcuffed in the back of a police cruiser.

Eric Garner, 43, New York, N.Y.—July 17, 2014 Choked to death by a cop while being restrained by other officers.  Famously known as the “I can’t breathe” killing.

John Crawford III, 22, Beavercreek, Ohio—August 5, 2014 Crawford was fatally shot while carrying a pellet gun in a Wal-Mart. The gun was unsold merchandise and out of its package. A man named Ronald Ritchie told 911 that he looked like he was pointing it at people, but a month later he admitted that Crawford was not pointing the gun at people. Aftermath: No indictment.

Michael Brown, 18, Ferguson, Mo.—August 9, 2014 By now my line of thinking is swaying a bit. I said on the air that I don’t condone rioting, but I would understand it more if people rioted in the communities of the oppressors instead of their own communities. 

Ezell Ford, 25, Los Angeles, Calif.—August 12, 2014 Ford was shot by police who were conducting “an investigative stop.” ” A struggle ensued,” read the LAPD’s news release. Ford’s family members say he was lying down when shot. Aftermath: The LAPD, which hasn’t closed the investigation into Ford’s death, put an indefinite “investigative hold” on the coroner’s autopsy report to prevent witness testimony from being tainted.

Tamir Rice, 12, Cleveland, Ohio—Nov. 22, 2014 Officer Tim Loehmann shot and killed Rice, who was holding a BB gun, seconds after spotting him at a park. This is after a 911 caller told dispatch that they believed that the kid was carrying a toy gun and not a real one.

Rumain Brisbon, 34, Phoenix, Ariz.—Dec. 2, 2014 Brisbon, an unarmed black father of four, was shot to death in when a police officer apparently mistook his bottle of pills for a gun. Aftermath: Pending.

Baltimore, MD then hits the scene with a man who died from serious injuries sustained during an arrest. My stance: I still do not condone rioting. But, for the first time, I understand it. I understand that people have reached a boiling point. Too many unarmed black people are dying at the hands of cops without investigations that make you feel the slightest bit of confidence in the justice system.

Do unarmed white people get shot by police? I’m sure that they do. They probably get shot more than black people because there are a lot more white people than black people in this country. The odds favor that. However, does the media report it when it happens? Absolutely not. It’s not going to get the reaction and ratings as much as an unarmed black person being shot.

Those who know me know that I’m not one to complain unless I have a solution. Did everyone that I named above either commit a crime, tried to run from the police, or tried to resist arrest? Just about all of them did at least one if not all of those things. That still doesn’t give the police the right to shoot them like dogs in the streets though.  However, for those who did either one of those three things, they do have some responsibility in what happened. Now, I’m not talking about the wrong place/wrong time victims. I’m talking about the people who had opportunities to comply and chose not to do so.

My plea to those black men out there now who may get stopped by police: if you comply then you may get a chance to live. You may not be doing anything wrong, but try to stay alive first and save the arguing for the courts.  Ice Cube once rapped that he would rather be “judged by 12 than carried by 6.”  In other words, let a jury decide your fate rather than take matters in your own hands and later be carried by pall bearers.  There’s no sense in being right if you’re dead right.

Next, the police. The ones who are sworn to “protect and serve.” I know that you all are scared. If you’re scared then quit. Policing is not for you. It’s just that simple. Learn how to take subjects down without your gun being a first resort. There are too many weapons from rubber bullets and salt pellets to pepper spray and tasers that you can use to take people down. Even if someone runs from you or even swings on you, you don’t have a right to kill them. They may even deserve to be roughed up and society may even be better off to be rid of them. But, that’s not up to you as a cop. That’s up to a jury. You’re not Judge Dredd.

And lastly, the media. You took a city of 400,000 black people in Baltimore and painted the picture that every last one of them is burning the city down. Let’s be honest: out of those 400,000 black people there may have been 500 or so rioting? To be generous let’s say there were a thousand rioting. 

Don’t act like .0025 of the black population is representing all black people. Especially you, FOX News! 

There are a lot of people trying to peacefully protest yet they always seem to escape your cameras. There are Twitter photos taken by white people of white people looting convenience stores, but those photos don’t represent what the media wants conveyed to the public.

As long as black people are portrayed as the boogeyman the more a cop would prefer to shoot one rather than take a chance to see what his real intent is. We’ve spent days watching videos of cops vs. Black Baltimore. People are criticizing the rioters. People are criticizing those who are criticizing the rioters.

No one is asking the question: why are they so mad? Why are cops so scared? Why is Freddie Gray dead?

I’m guessing a some of you didn’t even know his name.

It can protect your bank account, too.

I’m not a father, but I feel the pain of so many of them who try and do the right thing.  Men have very few rights when it comes to a child’s birth.  Some would go as far as to say that they don’t have any rights whatsoever. It’s sad in a few cases and unfair in a lot of them.

Here are the options that a woman has after she finds out that she’s pregnant:

  1. She can have the baby.
  2. She can abort the baby.
  3. She can put the baby up for adoption.
  4. She can just leave the baby at a fire station or church.
  5. She can tell a man the child is his (even if it isn’t) and collect support (if not challenged in court by a certain period of time).
Here are the options that a man has when he finds he got someone pregnant:
  1. They can attempt to adopt the baby if she puts it up for adoption.
  2. They can opt not to pay child support and risk jail time.
Of course, I’m not an expert so I may have missed something, but that’s basically it.  Everything pretty much depends on what the mother decides.  He may want to marry her and be there for the child, but if she wants to abort then he can’t stop her.  He may not want to have anything to do with the child at all, but if she wants him to pay child support then he will or go to jail.
Men are at the mercy of women in all matters involving a child’s birth.  Even men who aren’t even the fathers.  #5 on my list for women alluded to that.  Case in point: let’s say that a man and woman are married and she gets pregnant in an affair.  DNA proves that he’s not the father, but he could still be forced to pay child support because they’re married.  
If a woman tells a man he’s the father of a child and he finds out three years later that he isn’t, then he’s still on the hook for 15 more years if she chooses to stick it to him.  Although he may not have thought he had a reason to petition the courts he still has to “beat the clock” to possibly get out of support.  If not, he could wind up paying for another man’s child if she refuses to remove him from the birth certificate.
Do you think that it would work if men had the option to waive their rights to a child without the threat of forced child support?  Would that make women think twice about unprotected sex?
I know that it sounds unfair to the women, but we’ve already gone over what’s unfair to the men and the list is lengthy.  Besides, women are normally the ones carry the child and who wind up being responsible for the child.  So, shouldn’t they be the ones who should think twice about birth control since they go through so much?  I know that sounds like the words of a chauvinist, but I think if you looked at that with an unbiased eye that you would at least consider where I’m coming from on it.
Or what about the default for custody disputes being joint custody?  Isn’t that what is best for the child anyway?  Why does it always seem that it has to be one parent or the other in these cases?  Why can’t it always default to 50/50 custody?
What do you think?  Shouldn’t men have some sort of say so in regards to the birth of a child?

I saw something this weekend and had no idea that I may have been watching history. Russian track stars, Kseniya RyzHova and Tatyana Firov, violated the anti-gay laws of Russia by protesting at the IAAF track championships in Moscow. The Russians won the gold medal in the 4 x 400 meter sprints for the first time in roughly 10 years. They celebrated/protested with a kiss on the medal podium. Was this similar to Tommie Smith and John Carlos holding up the Black Power Fist on the podium in the ’68 Olympics in Mexico?  Was this the opportunity for a breakthrough in the LGBT community that they have been looking for as of late?

Russian laws state that no one is allowed to discuss or display homosexuality in front of children.  However, what Ryzhova and Firova did put them on display not only in front of the children in the Moscow stadium, but also around the world.  It was the boldest in-your-face slap to Russian leaders that one could show on broadcast television.

It reminded me of a part of history I wasn’t old enough to see which occurred during the ’68 Olympics in Mexico City.  200 meter sprinters John Carlos and Tommie Smith represented the United States during a time there was conflict in South Africa and racial segregation in America.  To show solidarity with both movements, Carlos and Smith raised their fists (with black gloves on) to indicate Black Power.  They did it on the medal stand as the National Anthem was played despite the fact that it would piss off plenty of people here in the states.  In fact, the two lived as outcasts to many people instead of Olympic heroes for a long time because of the gesture.

Will the iconic display of affection during Sunday’s event will have the same effect in Russia that the Black Power pose had in the United States?  The Olympics is no stranger to protests of all sorts, so it makes you wonder what some athletes may have in store for the upcoming Olympics in Sochi, Russia.  Although I don’t think that the struggle of Gay Rights equally compares to that of Civil Rights, I do think that they sometimes take the same paths.  Just like the Civil Rights Movement, the Olympics could wind up being the portal to project the LGBT movement to the world.

The Olympics had quite an impact on me as a young boy and it still resonates with me to this very day.  I have a poster of the Black Power pose on the wall of my man cave along with Muhammad Ali, who won gold in the 1960 Olympics, and Jessie Owens, who made a statement against Hitler with four gold medals in the 1936 Olympics.

Could we one day see a poster on the walls of Russian teens of the Russian sprinters kissing?  Then again, a poster of two Russian ladies kissing wouldn’t be bad for American men to put in their rooms either.  LOL!  What?  I’m just sayin’!

Do you think this move will ultimate pay off for the Russian ladies or will they come to regret it?

Anthony, will the ladies always be a weakness for you?  

NYC mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner, is back in the news for the wrong reasons (again).  If you remember back to 2011, Weiner sent a photo of his “last name” to a woman on Twitter.  The media grabbed ahold to it (the photo, not his weiner) and it ultimately forced him to resign from his Congressional position.

You would think losing a Congressional spot and causing marital strife would be enough for Anthony to straighten up and fly right.  Well, no, that’s not the case.  A.W. went incognito and decided to go online under the alias of “Carlos Danger.”  I’ll give you a few seconds to wipe the tears from your eyes and stop laughing…

He exchanged messages with a woman asking if she’d seen the photos that he released in 2011 and if she was impressed by them.  Of course, the media got their hands on the transcript from the conversations and Anthony is now under pressure to drop out of the mayoral race.  A race in which the polls showed him with a comfortable lead until this information was “leaked.”

Most Weiner supporters Democrats people would say, “his personal life has nothing to with his potential career as mayor.”

Actually, I think that it would have an impact on it.  This is a man, who hurts his marriage and throws away a political seat over potential sex, has a chance to start over fresh, but does the same thing?  I would question that person’s ability to make decisions.  Who’s to say that Anthony Weiner wouldn’t fall into corruption as mayor if he wins?  Anyone could send a sexy woman his way to compromise what few morals he may have left.

It’s a shame, too.  Weiner could have won and probably could have been a good mayor had he kept his head in his pants on straight.

What do you think?  Does Carlos Danger / Anthony Weiner deserve a 3rd chance?

“Not even I can help this guy!”

There, there, Mittens, it will be okay.

I can’t believe the amount of stupidity that has flooded my Google Reader over the past week or so. President Obama gets re-elected and just when I thought people couldn’t lose their minds even more, I was proven wrong.

Enough, Republicans! You lost!

Can’t you take a butt-whipping like an adult?  I haven’t seen this many people griping since Dave Chappelle walked away from his genius of a show and millions of dollars.

For those who read my blog regularly, you know that I despise both political parties.  I think that they both find different ways to get my money and pocket it.  Having said that, I still go out and vote for the lesser of two evils, for lack of a better phrase.  Sure, I could vote for a third party, but we all know that they never come close to winning.  Maybe if they got included in debates… oh, wait!  They aren’t invited because they can’t afford it.

Thanks to media campaign headquarters news stations like MSNBC and FOX News, people have completely lost their marbles.  These stations get people so riled up that they feel that a person’s vote is a personal attack against them some how.  Example: this nut who ran over her husband with an SUV because he didn’t vote (for Mittens).  You read that correctly.  Not a woman who got cheated on and got upset, but someone who was so distraught over Obama winning, that she took it out on her husband for abstaining from the polls.

Or, this guy killed himself over Obama’s re-election.  He tooks some pills and left a note that said, “Do not revive!  F—, Obama!”  Now that’s the true definition of a sore loser.  Why did he feel that it wasn’t even worth living rather than dealing with Obama for four more years?

Although these stories should have been surprising… they weren’t. Because people do extreme things to make a point these days. And they get no more extreme than ending your own life. Now, I’ve been mad in my life before, but ending my own life over someone getting a job has never crossed my mind.  Here’s another example of a sore loser on Squatlo’s page.

Now, I will admit that this goes both ways. I know some people who were so proud of Obama getting re-elected that you would have thought he was a relative. Sore winners, if that’s a word. The people who wore their “Re-Elect Obama” t-shirt to work, the day after the election, knowing that it was going to start an argument.

Newsflash: Obama doesn’t know you. 

But, I digress. Face it, Republicans: you put up a decent fight and lost. Admit it. Louisiana Republican and 2016 candidate, Bobby Jindal, admitted it and so can you.  Go back to the drawing board and maybe work on actually having a plan in 2016.  With Jindal and Chris Christie, at least your candidates will be a lot more interesting.

Don’t you think too many everyday people are taking this re-election too personally?