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I was watching the “Amber Rose Show” just recently.  In all honesty, I was watching the show for all of the wrong reasons.  I just think that Amber Rose is smoking hot, so I decided to tune in.  But the show was so awful that I know that I won’t be watching it again.

The entire show was basically Amber Rose asking women questions about sex.  Women were disclosing everything from how many side dudes they’ve had to being on top during sex.  Some people call it “women empowerment” and other people call it “women being promiscuous”.  Whatever you want to call it is totally dependent on your upbringing.

As for my upbringing, I was taught that sex was something sacred.  You didn’t share what you did with everyone.  It was deemed disrespectful to your partner to discuss your sexual experiences with them to someone else.

Fast forward to today and everyone is doing it.  People are getting on TV, radio, and social media and discussing their sex lives like they’re talking about their day at work or something.  I watched Amber Rose talk about sex for her entire show except for the last segment (which was only a couple of minutes long).  She “interviewed” rapper, T.I., and asked him his favorite sex position, the craziest place he’s had sex, and if he masturbated.

I was thinking to myself, “how in the world are kids going to not be teen parents if all they see on TV is how much fun sex is?”

I guarantee you that there are a ton of kids under 18 years old watching Amber’s show and shows like hers.  It’s not like parents pay attention to what their children watch.  A ton of the girls watching probably want to be Amber Rose and a ton of boys want a girl like her.  She has a glamorous lifestyle and makes a lot of money for basically doing nothing truly talented.  Who wouldn’t want that life?

But, back to the topic… Sex isn’t sacred any more.  People will tell you all of their business without any thoughts to how you feel about it or how their partner would feel if they found out.  And if you feel awkward discussing it with them, then you’re looked at as someone abnormal.  A conversation that may have been reserved to close friends and siblings is now something you can get from a coworker you barely know.

In roughly 30 years, the United States has done a 180 degree turn around in morals.  Sex is “empowering” and not something kept private.  Cursing is simply just talking and not something done out of the public’s earshot.  Being reckless with your life is no longer scolded, but it is praised by everyone for you “expressing yourself” (and sometimes rewarded with money and fame).

Nothing is sacred any more.  TV has dumbed down in 30 years what took hundreds of years to create.  The end result is me watching Amber Rose ask a woman if she has a side dude (actually, “dude” wasn’t the d-word that she used) and this young lady must have named 10+ guys.  She was applauded for it.

To each their own, I guess.  It makes me wonder what conversations are parents having in households across the U.S. with their children?  Is this type of thing even being discussed?  Based on what I’m seeing on TV, it is being discussed.  Just by celebrities instead of parents.


>Three Questions:
1. Do you like T.I.?
2. Are you a fan of Charlie Sheen?
3. Do you have Lil’ Wayne’s latest CD?

What do all of these guys have in common? All of them have been arrested.

What else do these guys have in common? They are all very successful at what they do.

So, when I do the math, I wonder how arrests plus moral issues equals those guys being on top in their respective games? I know! Fans will turn a blind eye to anything just as long as they like the person! Loyalty breeds ignorance, right?

I know quite a few women… not just women, but mothers, who absolutely love R. Kelly despite the fact that he filmed/desecrated a teen (and I’ll say allegedly, but we both know it was him in that video just as sure as we know O.J. did it).

I’ve heard women say that Rihanna pushed Chris Brown’s buttons as if that gave him carte blanche to go Chuck Norris upside her dome.

Robert Downey, Jr. has made a killing with the “Iron Man” movie franchise despite using more drugs than Walgreens.

Do you see my point? Do you really expect kids to learn “right” from “wrong” when it appears that “wrong” gets rewarded regularly?

Bobby Brown. Michael Vick. Tommy Lee. Lil’ Wayne. Foxy Brown. Hugh Grant. The list goes on for weeks.

Now, this is America. “The Land of Second (Third and Fourth) Chances”. As long as you at least attempt to make/fake an apology, people will like you again. Some may even try to justify your actions. I’ve heard arguments for Fantasia stealing some one’s husband saying that “she was fighting for her man”. No, she was fighting for someone else’s man. Just because you like her song “Bittersweet” doesn’t make her right.

People still support Bill Clinton despite him using his political offices for speed dating. Guys don’t care that Alicia Keys got pregnant by a married man. As long as she stays fine and sings well, she’ll be back on top.

But why? We all know that if any of those things happened in our lives, we’d be ready to swing on whoever did it and/or whoever is defending their actions.

Think about your answers at the top of the blog and then answer these three questions:
1. If T.I. was Tyrone from the neighborhood, would you let your son hang with him knowing he just got out of jail on gun charges?
2. If R. Kelly was Roscoe from around the way, would you let your daughter go to the prom with him?
3. If Chris Brown was Chad White the D.J. from the radio station, would you buy his mix CD after he went Tyson upside your baby girl’s face?

If you answered “yes” to any of the three questions at the top of the blog, then that’s okay. You can give someone a second chance so as long as you don’t try to justify what they did wrong.

If you answered “yes” to any of the top three questions, but “no” the altered question at the bottom, then maybe you need re-evaluate your way of thinking.