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So, a couple of more unarmed black men are approached for something petty and ultimately gunned down at the hands of cops.  One of many reasons why I wrote about black people being extinct by the Year 2100.

Let me start off, like every other black writer, by saying that I have nothing against the police.  For some reason, people think that if you’re pro-black that you’re anti-white or anti-cop.

That’s just stupid.

Just because you want to stop breast cancer doesn’t mean that you’re all for cervical cancer.  This blog encourages common sense, so those who actually use it before commenting or inboxing me are appreciated.

The Media

First of all, I’m tired of the media regurgitating the same ol’ rhetoric that means nothing.  I’m tired of hearing “It’s time to have the conversation about…”  About what?  We’ve been talking for 60 years and nothing has changed.  The only difference between 1956 and 2016 is that we have the ability to film the killings today.  The only downside to that is how the media exploits it.  They’re the main reason cops are afraid of black men today.  We’re portrayed as predators and the police hunts us down as such.

The officers being shot last night in Dallas was a tragedy.  The media should be bringing their family together via satellite with the family of the unarmed black men who were recently shot to show their similarities.  Instead, they act as if those grieving black families no longer exist.  Because the shooting of cops is more important to them than of unarmed black men.  Black lives don’t matter, but cops lives do.  The value of their lives are unequal in the eyes of the media.  That nonsense is passed on to the American viewers who ultimately start to subconsciously believe the same thing.

The Police

The same police who scream about how snitching is protecting criminals in the black communities are ALWAYS tight-lipped about one of their own who commits an atrocity against an unarmed black man.

Has anyone in the police department ever stood up and said, “my partner was wrong for shooting that man”?

If so, then I’d love to see a video of it because I’ve never seen it.  Police protect their own yet chastise the black community for doing the same.  The irony in that is astounding!  They want black people to help them find cop killers, but won’t help black people find unarmed black men killers.

Black Cops

If you’re a black cop and you don’t speak out against your own people getting killed, then punch yourself in the throat.  It’s a shame that some black cops will protect the law enforcement brotherhood while ignoring their own.  Is this lady the only cop with guts to speak out against the treatment of her own people?  Does it have to be someone in your family before you start to care?

Oh, I almost forgot.  The Commander in Chief needs to take a stand for the killing of black men like he has for the LGBT community’s rights and health care.  Stop ignoring black people, Mr. President.  This has nothing to do with gun control unless you’re going to start taking guns from the police.


This will never end.  It will never end because we will always have an Us. vs. Them mentality.  There is a ton of evidence of blacks snitching on blacks for the greater good.  When police start doing the same with each other, then maybe some trust can be developed.  When police actually start going to jail, then maybe black folks can be alright with the PD.  When the media actually bad mouths police like they did Christopher Dorner (a former black cop), then maybe black people will come around.

Oh, and Christopher Dorner was a terrorist for sure.  But if you think that he’s much different than the cop who shot Philando Castile, then you’re not capable of understanding the point that I’m trying to make.

Good and bad doesn’t have a color, but we don’t treat it that way.  If it were, then armed white men wouldn’t get taken into custody and bought sandwiches while unarmed black men get taken to the coroner with multiple bullet holes in them.


I had fallen asleep on my couch with my TV on ESPN.  However, I woke up and noticed a mural on the left hand side of the screen showing Muhammad Ali’s face.  Before my eyes could adjust and focus on the words on the screen, I knew that Ali had died.  I’d just spoken to my cousin about Ali just hours ago about how grave his condition was.

My first “favorite athlete”,  Muhammad Ali, was dead at the age of 74 years old.

There aren’t many men like Ali being produced in this country any more.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  He had his issues when it came to his wives.  He wasn’t perfect.  But he did more for this country than anyone who may have stepped foot on the White House lawn in the past 50 years.

People who don’t know the man think that he was “The Greatest” because of what he did inside the boxing ring.  No.  Ali was “The Greatest” for what he did outside of the boxing ring.  Ali inspired the world with his approach to day-to-day living.  He was a motivational speaker.  He was a civil rights activist.  He was an entertainer.  Oh, he was such an entertainer!

Ali had a relationship with the media that we will never see again.  He gave interviews that resembled stand up comedy sets.  The beneficiary of many of those interviews was a sports commentator named Howard Cosell.

Cosell and Ali were partners.  They fed off of each other in their interviews to become two of the biggest figures in sports.  The respect that they had for one another provided entertainment for more than a decade.  Despite their close relationship, Cosell remained unbiased in his journalist approach unlike what we see with some talking heads today.

Howard Cosell and Muhammad Ali turned each other into legends.

Ali won many awards and honors during and long after his boxing career.  I won’t go through all of his accomplishments because the talking heads will do that over the next week.  However, I will mention his impact on today’s culture.  Ali started a culture of brashness that we see in sports today.  This was a man who not only showed you in the ring that he was “The Greatest”, he would tell you that he was, too.  The predictions that athletes make today, the “getting in the head” of their opponents, and things like that were made famous by Ali.

Seated: Bill Russell, Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

He embraced his blackness and his message resonated throughout black communities around the country.  He stood for his beliefs regardless of the controversies and criticisms that surrounded him which is something athletes refuse to do today.  Ali didn’t care if you liked him.  He didn’t care if he lost money from losing fans.  Heck, he didn’t even care if he went to jail for what he believed.

Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X

There are many things that I wish that I could change with the world.  There are many things that I wish that I could go back in time and fix.  But if I had one wish to change anything regarding Muhammad Ali, it would be for him to forever have his voice.

Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1984 and it slowly robbed him of all of the gifts that he’d displayed for us over the previous 25 years prior to that.  If he only had the opportunity to continue speaking, what would his contributions to black communities and to his religion would have meant to society today?

Muhammad Ali and Sam Cooke

Would he have put black athletes and celebrities in their place when it came to their selfishness?  Would he have continued to inspire people to do more with their lives and not be ordinary?  What would Ali have given us had his voice not been trapped inside of his body?

We will never know.  The first athletic entertainer is gone.  A lot of people speculated that Ali was in a bad place this time around as we got word that he was being hospitalized.  Over the course of 24 hours, we all knew that his condition was getting worse and that he may be passing on.  Despite that being the fact, it still feels like a body punch to the gut to wake up and find out that my favorite athlete is gone.

R.I.P., Champ.

Is Cam a sympathetic figure or not?

The Super Bowl has come and gone for the 50th time.  Although I wasn’t impressed very much by the game, it still had some interesting story lines.  The main one is the story of one Cam Newton.  The guy with the huge grin who terrorized defenses all season long.

Here is why I think that he’s being treated unfairly, but how he brought it on himself:

Muhammad Ali was one of the biggest trash talkers of all-time back during his hey-day.  What made him loved by few and hated by many is that he didn’t mind telling you how good his was.  He didn’t have to worry about social media criticism.  He came along decades before Facebook and Twitter.  He didn’t have to worry about the media that much because they idolized athletes during those days.  The media would sometimes even protect an athlete by not disclosing certain stories rather than exposing them.

However, as good as Ali was, he got put on his tail quite a few times.  He lost 5 bouts.  But he never stopped talking about being The Greatest no matter how badly he lost.

Fast forward to 2016 and the atmosphere is completely different.  The media waits to prey on athletes with “gotcha journalism”.  Athletes are subjected to fan scrutiny from social media and blogs like this one.  TV stations have a 24 hour rotation of talking heads who tell us what should make us feel outraged and what shouldn’t.

Enter Cam Newton into that environment.  He has the bravado of Muhammad Ali, but at the moment appears to lack the resiliency. 

Last night, when the game ended, he walked through the hoard of media types to shake hands with Peyton Manning to congratulate him.  It was classy of him to do so, but I can’t give him credit for it because that’s what he’s supposed to do.  You don’t get credit for things you should do anyway.  However, his display of professionalism during that exchange is a lot more than Peyton Manning did in 2010.

Manning lost the Super Bowl in 2010 and didn’t congratulate the winning quarterback (Drew Brees) on his team’s victory.  Instead, he walked to the locker room with a look of dejection.  Completely classless and unprofessional, although you’d never know it because the media has its tongue inserted in Manning’s butt cheeks on the regular.  They refused to bad mouth him to the extent that they are with Cam Newton.

Cam has been blasted over the past 24 hours for walking out of a press conference before it was completed.  He got tired of answering questions on why Carolina lost and he got tired of overhearing a nearby Bronco explaining how Carolina lost.  So, he just got up and left.

Completely unprofessional, but not even remotely as big of a deal as Peyton Manning not shaking hands.  However, unprofessional nonetheless.

But it’s only a big deal because he made it one.  He spent the entire season essentially saying “look at me!”  His team destroyed their opponents throughout most of the season and Cam didn’t have a problem celebrating that fact.  He invited the pressure that he received going into the game last night.  He said, and I’m paraphrasing, “if you want to stop me from dancing, stop me from scoring.” 

Denver was up for that challenge.  Like Mike Tyson once said, “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

And Cam got punched early and often and he didn’t know what to do.  What was so easy for him all season long turned out to be the most difficult thing for him to do on the biggest stage there is.  Cam didn’t just get punched in the mouth, he got KO’d.  And now all of the people who told him to “stop dancing and smiling” were dying to ask him questions on why he couldn’t win the Big One.

That’s rough.  Anyone would have a difficult time getting through those 3 minutes of questions, but again, Cam invited this.  He’s been a champion on multiple levels and it never crossed his mind (nor should it have) that he could lose this game.  But he did and he should have dealt with it better than what he did.

Someone on my Facebook said, “He’s only 26.  How was he supposed to handle it?”

Seriously?  26 years old is over halfway to 30.  At what point do you consider a person to be grown?  Geesh.

Someone else said, “Until you’ve lost a Super Bowl you wouldn’t understand.”

No, I’ve never lost a Super Bowl, but 40-something other quarterbacks have.  I wonder how many of them walked out of press conferences? 

Another said, “Cam’s human. What is he supposed to do?”

True.  He’s human.  He got caught in his feelings.  But, let me drop this quote on you:

“Too bad they don’t make Band-Aids for feelings.” 

Guess who said that?  Cameron Jerrell Newton.  I guess he need one for his last night.

Cam Newton is a lightning rod for media bias because of he is a black QB.  Let’s be honest there.  That’s a huge part of it.  He invited even more scrutiny with his actions.  I have no problem with that whatsoever.  But he let the media and the haters win with his actions and that’s why I’m disappointed.

I want Cam to get back out there and do his thing.  I enjoy him giving footballs to the kids, the dancing, and Superman poses.  Heck, I grew up in a culture of trash-talking.  But you have to pay the piper when someone beats you.  You don’t have to give an eloquent speech after the biggest loss of your career, but you have to live up to your obligations.  That’s what makes you a “professional football player” and not just a “football player.”

He could have said “no comment” for 3 minutes last night and I personally wouldn’t have cared.  But to walk away in the middle gave the haters and racists all of the ammunition that they needed.

(This is based on a statement given on my radio show a few weeks ago..)

As of late, the country has been focused on the city of Baltimore. However, very few are talking about how a man died and the police’s role, if any, in his death. Instead we are pounded with video and photos of rioting. I’ve stated on my show numerous times before that I’m against rioting. I said that I didn’t agree with rioters tearing up their own cities.

That was back during the Trayvon Martin trial. Since then we’ve seen the following:

Victor White III, 22, Iberia Parish, La.—March 22, 2014 The coroner says he shot himself while handcuffed in the back of a police cruiser.

Eric Garner, 43, New York, N.Y.—July 17, 2014 Choked to death by a cop while being restrained by other officers.  Famously known as the “I can’t breathe” killing.

John Crawford III, 22, Beavercreek, Ohio—August 5, 2014 Crawford was fatally shot while carrying a pellet gun in a Wal-Mart. The gun was unsold merchandise and out of its package. A man named Ronald Ritchie told 911 that he looked like he was pointing it at people, but a month later he admitted that Crawford was not pointing the gun at people. Aftermath: No indictment.

Michael Brown, 18, Ferguson, Mo.—August 9, 2014 By now my line of thinking is swaying a bit. I said on the air that I don’t condone rioting, but I would understand it more if people rioted in the communities of the oppressors instead of their own communities. 

Ezell Ford, 25, Los Angeles, Calif.—August 12, 2014 Ford was shot by police who were conducting “an investigative stop.” ” A struggle ensued,” read the LAPD’s news release. Ford’s family members say he was lying down when shot. Aftermath: The LAPD, which hasn’t closed the investigation into Ford’s death, put an indefinite “investigative hold” on the coroner’s autopsy report to prevent witness testimony from being tainted.

Tamir Rice, 12, Cleveland, Ohio—Nov. 22, 2014 Officer Tim Loehmann shot and killed Rice, who was holding a BB gun, seconds after spotting him at a park. This is after a 911 caller told dispatch that they believed that the kid was carrying a toy gun and not a real one.

Rumain Brisbon, 34, Phoenix, Ariz.—Dec. 2, 2014 Brisbon, an unarmed black father of four, was shot to death in when a police officer apparently mistook his bottle of pills for a gun. Aftermath: Pending.

Baltimore, MD then hits the scene with a man who died from serious injuries sustained during an arrest. My stance: I still do not condone rioting. But, for the first time, I understand it. I understand that people have reached a boiling point. Too many unarmed black people are dying at the hands of cops without investigations that make you feel the slightest bit of confidence in the justice system.

Do unarmed white people get shot by police? I’m sure that they do. They probably get shot more than black people because there are a lot more white people than black people in this country. The odds favor that. However, does the media report it when it happens? Absolutely not. It’s not going to get the reaction and ratings as much as an unarmed black person being shot.

Those who know me know that I’m not one to complain unless I have a solution. Did everyone that I named above either commit a crime, tried to run from the police, or tried to resist arrest? Just about all of them did at least one if not all of those things. That still doesn’t give the police the right to shoot them like dogs in the streets though.  However, for those who did either one of those three things, they do have some responsibility in what happened. Now, I’m not talking about the wrong place/wrong time victims. I’m talking about the people who had opportunities to comply and chose not to do so.

My plea to those black men out there now who may get stopped by police: if you comply then you may get a chance to live. You may not be doing anything wrong, but try to stay alive first and save the arguing for the courts.  Ice Cube once rapped that he would rather be “judged by 12 than carried by 6.”  In other words, let a jury decide your fate rather than take matters in your own hands and later be carried by pall bearers.  There’s no sense in being right if you’re dead right.

Next, the police. The ones who are sworn to “protect and serve.” I know that you all are scared. If you’re scared then quit. Policing is not for you. It’s just that simple. Learn how to take subjects down without your gun being a first resort. There are too many weapons from rubber bullets and salt pellets to pepper spray and tasers that you can use to take people down. Even if someone runs from you or even swings on you, you don’t have a right to kill them. They may even deserve to be roughed up and society may even be better off to be rid of them. But, that’s not up to you as a cop. That’s up to a jury. You’re not Judge Dredd.

And lastly, the media. You took a city of 400,000 black people in Baltimore and painted the picture that every last one of them is burning the city down. Let’s be honest: out of those 400,000 black people there may have been 500 or so rioting? To be generous let’s say there were a thousand rioting. 

Don’t act like .0025 of the black population is representing all black people. Especially you, FOX News! 

There are a lot of people trying to peacefully protest yet they always seem to escape your cameras. There are Twitter photos taken by white people of white people looting convenience stores, but those photos don’t represent what the media wants conveyed to the public.

As long as black people are portrayed as the boogeyman the more a cop would prefer to shoot one rather than take a chance to see what his real intent is. We’ve spent days watching videos of cops vs. Black Baltimore. People are criticizing the rioters. People are criticizing those who are criticizing the rioters.

No one is asking the question: why are they so mad? Why are cops so scared? Why is Freddie Gray dead?

I’m guessing a some of you didn’t even know his name.

Another tragedy has occurred in the St. Louis, MO area.  An 18 year old black male was shot and killed by a police officer.  Regardless of who pushed the first domino to commence the event, none of this had to happen.  Just one small variation could have turned the tides on this entire ordeal.  Of course the stories vary on who did what, but the overall picture is still the same: another young, black male is dead at the hands of police.  It’s time that we re-educate America and stop these senseless acts and both black people and the cops can help.

Black People

Stop teaching your kids to hate cops.  I know that all of us don’t do it, but there are enough of us who teach that even if subconsciously.  Cops are to be respected for multiple reasons: they’re hired to be an authoritative figure our communities and oh, yeah, they also carry guns and a license to kill.

The latter should be reason enough to teach your kids how to protect themselves by respecting the law.  Teach your kids (especially sons) to remain calm at all times around the police.  There’s no need to get emotional even if you’re in the right.  If you get pulled over then already have your license and registration in your hand before the cop gets to your car.  Keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times.  You want them to always be visible and not move in a quick or unpredictable motion.

I know people are thinking, “why should I be forced to do that?”  The answer?  Because you want to increase your chances of getting home that night, that’s why.  What’s more important: how you feel or being alive?  Even if you’re being harassed or unfairly targeted it’s better to have your day in court than to do something that can cause a misunderstanding.  Ice Cube once famously said in a song that he’d rather be “judged by 12 (jury) than carried by six (pall bearers).”

And I agree with that 100%.


Stop assuming that all black males are dangerous.  If there is anything that is embedded in our brains in this country is that black males are to be feared.  We see things everyday that lead us to believe that they’re unpredictable and have no respect for authority.  In some cases, that may be true, but you’re not going to get me to believe that it represents anywhere near a majority of black males.  I know too many of them to believe that.

Here’s what needs to happen: cops need training.  Badly.  Being a cop is more than just physical conditioning and gun training.  It should be more mental training than anything else.  Somehow you have to scrub their brain of every racial bias known to man and I don’t think that it’s as easy as one would think.  Even if you hire 500 cops, just 1% of that number can be enough to ruin the entire reputation of the police force.  That’s right.  Just five people.

So, if and when a suspicious shooting does occur, it would be more beneficial for the police to treat it like a normal crime (which it is) rather than to start playing politics.  It would also give citizens more security in thinking that you are trying to protect and serve them and not just your own interests.

The police also need a change in policy.  Shooting to kill should never be the first option; it should be the last option.  Why some cops feel as if they need to empty their guns on a person is beyond me.  Especially when there are multiple cops on the scene.  Again, that goes back to training.  You can disarm a person without killing them.

Oh, I know that I only listed two things at first, but I have to add a third and it may be the most important of them all…


Often they are the root cause to the mental images we all have of black males (and sometimes the police).  Whenever there is a shooting of a black male some of the media can’t wait to post the most “gangsta” of photos of the victim.  Just like with Mike Brown who was shot in Ferguson, MO.  A recent high school graduate who may or may not have been a model citizen (I won’t claim to know the kid), but he should have been afforded an “innocent until proven guilty” opportunity.  What does the media do?  They post this photo of him all over from the USA Today to lesser sites.

That’s right. Show a photo of him throwing what a majority of the country will consider a gang sign.  That makes the police so much more believable when they say what they said about the incident.  After all, Like Trayvon Martin, he’s not here to defend himself, so there’s no backlash, right?

What was wrong with using this photo below instead?

Oh, too tame, right?  We wouldn’t want people thinking that black males graduate now do we?

I know that I’m starting to get cynical with all of this, but it comes from a point of frustration.  We all realize that there is a problem yet we choose to only protest a few days after an incident happens.  Then it’s on with our lives until the next incident.  I’m somewhat guilty of that, too.  However, I do exercise my right to vote and makes attempts with each election to actually vote for the best candidate and not my favorite political party.  If a majority of people gave Independents a chance we could actually see a change in this county.

But, that’s a blog post for another day.  As for Mike Brown and other victims, all we can do is hope for justice.  Hopefully convincing evidence will show that either Mike Brown was well within his rights and gunned down unfairly or that the cop was well within his rights to protect himself.  It doesn’t matter as long as it’s the truth.

The only problem is: who’s willing to tell it?

Well, I guess you shouldn’t call them “sex tapes” any more since VCRs are a thing of the past.  But, the term is a hard habit to break.  What once ended careers is now almost a guaranteed trip to stardom with the right, er, uh, exposure.

Most people say that the first-ever celebrity sex tape was of one of my favorite childhood crushes, Jayne Kennedy.  She was the “Halle Berry of the late 70’s and early 80’s.”  Wait.  Maybe I should say that Halle Berry was the “Jayne Kennedy of the 90’s.”

Ironically, Jayne won the Miss Ohio USA Pageant 16 years before Halle won that title for herself.  Jayne had endorsements galore until one day a tape of her and her ex-husband was left in a hotel room VCR.  Her life has never been the same.

The sex tape found it’s way to the media and as soon as the news was out Jayne’s endorsements were gone.  The lady, whose squeaky-clean image was so legendary that she even posed in Playboy with her clothes on, was done.  Her career was over just like that.  She was reduced to late night infomercials.

Fast forward to today and it’s quite the opposite.  Paris Hilton, Farrah Abraham and more have all made big splashes from their sex tapes.  In less than 40 years, society has changed from the point of shunning Jayne Kennedy for having sex with her husband to handing a multi-million dollar career to Kim Kardashian for banging Ray J.

Recently, “Love & Hip-Hop” “star,” Mimi Faust released a trailer for a sex tape of her and some dude named Nikko.  The video ties into the season premiere of the reality show on May 5th and will be sold by about week before it airs.  What once ended careers is now a calculated move by celebrities looking for that Kardashian payout.  #Marketing

It doesn’t matter what caliber of celebrity you are as long as you can generate a buzz.  Mimi’s tape has already done that by becoming one of the trendiest memes.  Her scene where she’s hanging from a shower rod has taken Instagram by storm.

That’s all it takes to be famous in 2014.  A willing participant and a little creativity in the bedroom.

What do you think draws people to celebrity sex tapes?

What do you consume on a regular basis?

I don’t mean food.  I mean content.

TV.  Music.  Internet.

What does a typical day consist of in your world?

I was watching Real Time with Bill Maher the other day and he made a great point in which I’d never considered.  I can go to Yahoo! right now and pull up my home page.  If you went to Yahoo! at the same exact time, what comes up on your screen is going to be different than what comes up on mine.

Your computer personalizes what you see based on the sites that you visit.  Also, a lot of sites allow you to customize what you see.  Mix in the fact that newspapers are dying a slow death and you’re left with millions of people in this country getting random information.  This is probably why so many people haven’t heard of certain news stories when you mention it to them.  It probably wasn’t on their customized feed.

Let’s look at how this affects young people.  The average college student probably doesn’t read the newspaper or watch local news.  When you consider their electronic gadget options then more than likely their homepage consists of Vine videos, Facebook status updates, tweets and entertainment news (oxymoron).

It’s safe to say that a lot of young people in this country go days or even weeks without seeing a news story.  Instead their mind is constantly consuming only what they wish to view which is normally related to entertainment or social networking.  With days upon days of reality show fight clips, viral videos and Instagram Likes a person’s brain essentially dumbs itself down (or never grows).

How can a person possibly expect to be a part of the outside world if they don’t even live in it?

If you constantly consume garbage then that is what will constantly come out of your mouth when you speak.  It’s also going to be all that you know and understand and you will not fit into some places in society because of it.  A person doesn’t read Spanish and speak French.  That’s not how your mind works.  What you put into it is all that you can get out of it.

There has to be a balance.  You have to get some good to offset the bad.  I love the NFL, but I have enough diversity in my life to prevent it from being all that I know.  If I go to a party, I don’t have to sit around and wait for someone to bring up football just to join the discussion.  As you can see from my blog, I have the ability to discuss almost anything.

If you don’t have balance then customizing your homepage or personalizing your phone can pretty much make you stupid.  If it’s only garbage going in, then you can rest assure that it will only be garbage coming out.

Have you ever met a person who knows absolutely nothing about anything important?