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Julianne Hough as “Crazy Eyes.”

Julianne Hough started a ripple in the social media waters when she appeared in “tanned face” at a Halloween party.  In her attempt to portray a character from “Orange is the New Black,” she decided to go the “extra mile.”  The character, “Crazy Eyes,” is known for her eyes and her hair.  However, Julianne thought it was important (for reasons unknown) to also capture her skin color.

Big mistake.

You can’t do things like that, even in 2013.  As long as there are people still on this planet who lived prior to Civil Rights being granted to black people, then there will not be a shortage of pissed off minorities.  Although I view her outfit as being stupid more than I do racist, my father (born in 1941) would be furious.  He grew up during a time when he wasn’t even respected as an equal.

I think the idea to do this is stupid because she had to know people would flip out over this.  And if she didn’t know, then that just shows her ignorance when it comes to the real world.  I’m guessing that she doesn’t have that proverbial “black friend” who could have told her this would be a bad idea and a media nightmare.

Now, although her tanned look is mild at best, there is a reason why black face still bothers some.  It’s still a sign of disrespect to a lot of people in this country.  When black people dress up for Halloween, how many of us have you ever seen put on “white face” to be Batman or Indiana Jones.  When is the last time you saw a black person use eye makeup to be Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee?  Odds are you probably haven’t.

And it’s not just a black / white thing either.  It’s sometimes a black / black thing.  Most blacks also get upset when people who aren’t white change their appearance to look white.  See Sammy Sosa and Michael Jackson.

We’re a long way off from this not being a big deal.  With insensitive idiots like the below (portraying Trayvon Martin) still displaying foolishness, people who think this isn’t a big deal can maybe understand where some of the rage originates.

Do you think that it’s time to “get over” black face or is it still a problem in America?

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I remember in the 80’s when the only people you saw with tattoos were gang members and soldiers. They used to represent something, but now, I’m not so sure. Now you see tattoos on kids not even old enough to vote.

Have tattoos lost their meaning? 

Kids are rushing to the tattoo parlor as soon as their old enough to go to get some ink. Why is that? Why is there a need for someone not even capable of making an important decision getting something permanently engraved on their body?

I personally think that the legal age for someone to get a tattoo should at least be 21. Even if you have a parent’s consent, 21 should be the age. What makes it so bad is that the people who need jobs the most are the main ones doing it. The governor’s son isn’t getting tattoos. At least not visible ones. The mayor’s daughter doesn’t have a rose vine taking up 40% of her back. It’s the inner-city and trailer park folks who are yet again separating themselves from success. They’re the ones who have to get neck tattoos and ink sleeves.

Look, I’m not saying that tattoos are wrong. I’m just saying that not everyone is making the best decision when it comes to getting them. People need to think about it seriously before they do it.  That includes the people who work for Rapid Realty. Rapid Realty promised a 15% commission increase for those who get the company logo inked on their person. 40 employees did it and got the ink to increase their pay. The tattoos can be any size anywhere on the agent’s body, so it doesn’t even have to be visible.

Uh, okay.  15% is a significant raise, but I’m not inking myself for a raise.  What if the company lays you off tomorrow?  I’d have to get some guarantees with my ink!

Have you ever gotten ink on a dare?

Photo courtesy of the last presidential debate.

Okay, I need to step on my soap box for a bit.  Let me start off by saying that I’m not perfect.  However, one thing that I am is fair.  Unfortunately, that’s a trait that has gone the way of the dinosaur.  As a blogger and talk radio show host, I read/hear a lot of opinions from people all over the world.  It’s so sad to me that people think the way that they do.  I’m not just talking about a difference of opinions because that will happen.  I’m talking about how a lot people argue their opinions: with emotions.

You cannot debate something based on emotions.  Let me repeat: you cannot debate something based on emotions.  You can only debate something with logic.  Logic contains facts and facts are what win debates.

Emotions are important in everyday living, but they generally make a person unreasonable in debates.  They can cause you to repeat your argument, but only louder, to attempt to make a point.  They make you feel personally attacked in an argument that’s not even about you.  They make you say stupid things like “just because” which is what people say when they don’t have facts to support their argument.  You’re just emotional.

But, let me get back to the fairness thing again.  What’s bothering me is how people allow their emotions to do/say something that they absolutely know is wrong or unfair to another.  Here’s an example: a man will father a child with someone he won’t marry.  He and the woman get into an argument and because he doesn’t like her, he won’t support his child.

That’s the epitome of stupid to me.  A man who denies his child because his feelings got hurt is a punk.  There’s just no arguing that.  Regardless if that woman cheated on you with your best friend, the child still has to eat, be clothed and medicated regularly at a cost.  If a guy fails to see that because of the tears in his eyes over a woman, then he’s a shell of a man.

Now, before you ladies stand up and clap, this foolishness applies to you, too.  In fact, despite the fact that women are said to mature quicker than men, that maturity is sometimes reduced by your emotions.  This is why we see the most popular reality shows with a predominantly female cast.  Because there isn’t a shortage of women willing to turn a small disagreement into World War III.  Feeling the need to be right at the expense of others is the reason why so many of you are single and/or without friends.

It’s a shame that our country is so volatile and that it thrives on divisiveness.  Black vs. white.  Young vs. old.  Democrats vs. Republicans.  Men vs. women.  All of this debating fueled with emotion instead of logic is why this country is filled with stupid people.  And stupid people have stupid children.  If you don’t believe me, then follow a dumb kid home and see if someone just as dumb doesn’t answer the door.

It is so frustrating to assume that each time I go into a debate, whether it’s a serious topic or even something as trivial as sports, that I may be the only person with reasoning and facts behind my argument.  The other person may just have some emotional attachment to whatever it is they’re supporting without any other debate ammunition.  I can definitely say that I truly understand why this country is deeper in a rut with each passing day, morally and financially.

We blame Obama, we blame teachers, we’ll even blame the kid down the street and everyone else instead of ourselves.  We never blame ourselves.  After all, we can’t be wrong because what we’re saying “feels right.”


(steps off soap box)

“Just because that’s the way it should be!”

Why is it so hard for people to get out of the way?  I don’t understand it.  It’s not difficult at all to realize that sometimes, you have to move.  You would think that it’s a common sense thing, but it’s obviously not.

Friday, I was traveling down a highway on my way home.  There was traffic all over the place due to holiday shopping.  People were blocking intersections and sticking the nose of their car in your lane regardless if you invited them to do so or not.

While I’m sitting in a line of cars waiting on a traffic signal that’s cycled through twice already, I hear a siren.  The first thing that I attempt to do is locate the emergency vehicle so I know what course of action that I need to take.  Well, it appears that I was the only person who was formulating a strategy at the time.  The ambulance was coming up from behind, so I forced my way into the slow lane to make room.  There were about 10-15 vehicles ahead between me and the traffic signal.  The light turned green and only two or three of them moved into the slow lane.  The others continued on their merry way in the fast lane because they wanted to make sure that the traffic signal didn’t catch them again.

Because of this, the ambulance had to ride behind with them with lights flashing and sirens blasting for roughly a full minute before being able to cross through the intersection and bolt up the middle turn lane.  One vehicle even drove beside the ambulance for roughly 50 yards while the ambulance was in the turn lane.

Hopefully, no one suffered through a severe injury or, God forbid, died behind these idiots’ decision to continue driving rather than pulling over.  At one time, I would have blamed an incident like this on young drivers not knowing the rules of the road.  However, the few faces that I saw who were blocking traffic were the faces of adults!  Grown people who thought that it was more important to get through a traffic light than let an ambulance reach its emergency.

What’s wrong with people these days?  Why can’t we get out of the way?  Is our time more valuable than someone’s life?

Is 400 Enough?

Posted: October 27, 2012 in common sense, flashback, milestone

Well, I always thought that I’d blog forever, but I’m starting to feel that’s not the case now. As therapeutic and enjoyable blogging can be, it can also be time-consuming. I’ve always tried to provide multiple blog posts per week to entertain my followers, but that requires sitting in front of my laptop an awful lot at times.

I may have hit a wall on this one.  It’s blog post #400 and I’m not sure if I can keep up the pace any more.  I’m not saying that I’m quitting because I’ll always have something to say.  Those who follow me closely know of another venue in which I make my points and discuss important topics. 🙂

But, despite the many crazy, college stories that I have left to tell and the many stupid people in this country who need to be called out, I have to ask myself, “is 400 enough?”

When I first started blogging, I thought I’d post a few blurbs and be done, but I got two followers early on and that drove me.  The posts kept coming and so did the followers and eventually the comments. 

Well, over time, the followers slowed down and so did the comments.  I wasn’t putting in the same work in marketing/promoting and the content may have suffered a bit, too.

I’ve dealt with a work schedule that required a lot of nights and weekends.  I spent more time with my mom after February when her cancer peaked and ultimately claimed her life on June 2nd.  Now, I’m spending a lot more time with my father to make sure that he knows that he’s not alone now that she’s gone and nursing a sick wife.

So much has happened over the past six months and the aforementioned is only a part of it.  What was once fun has now become “a business plan to get more readers” and I never wanted it to come to that.  I read about SEO’s, keyword bait, etc. because I’m constantly searching for followers/comments instead of simply writing for the sheer purpose of saying something that needs to be said.

I just wanted to be a guy who had an outlet to share his opinions.

Well, I’m still going to be that guy, but not as often as usual.  I’m not shutting my blog down, but the pressure to post 3x per week is out the window.  I hope that those who are new to my blog decide to go back and read some of the older ones.  Trust me when I say that a lot of them are still relevant or contain some funny story.  Here are ten suggestions:

That should hold you for a while if you’re new to the blog within the last six months.  However, I promise that I will post when I have something to say.  Will I lose some followers?  Maybe.  Will my presence eventually fade into the sunset?  Possibly.  Will I be happy to simply express myself and not constantly check analytics to figure out why one blog post isn’t as popular as the other?  Definitely.


 It’s almost Election Day and you can tell it’s close by all of the ads showing on TV each day.  I always wonder just how much better the economy would be if people would put the money spent from campaigning into actually creating jobs.


Oh, well.  I know it’s just a pipe dream, but maybe one day politics will make sense.  Who am I fooling?  It never will.  We’ll continue to put people in office who only have interest in keeping their jobs.  Every now and then you’ll find someone genuine who truly wants to help, but they usually don’t last long.  The other politicians will find ways to get rid of that person or vote against everything proposed.

The best way for us to fight selfish agendas locally and in Washington is to vote for people who have our interests at heart.  And no, I don’t mean someone who may or may not ban guns, or who may or may not have a war on drugs/terrorism.  Those aren’t interests, those are political platforms.  There is a difference and the state of our country depends on you knowing the difference.

Your interests are things that affect your daily life

Can you buy groceries? 
Are your bills being paid on time? 
Do you have enough for retirement? 
Are your kids getting a decent education? 
Is your environment absent of pollution? 
Are your neighborhoods safe?
Yet, we argue over a war on the other side of the world, whether rape victims can get an abortion, apples in vending machines and if marijuana should be legal.  The list goes on.
Do you see how stupid that is?  Every day, our focus is on things that do not affect the average person’s daily life.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t know anyone who gets daily abortions, but I know people who need to eat three times per day.  I don’t care if you want to believe in a religion different than mine or none at all, but I care about my god kids being able to afford college.  I don’t care if my taxes are raised as long as I have a salary fair enough for me to afford it.
Do you see where I’m going?  Each day, we’re beaten over the head by “news” that tells us what we should be upset over.  They tell us that only a Democrat or a Republican can solve our problems.  Two rich parties that spend more money campaigning to get themselves re-elected than you’ll ever make in 200 lifetimes.
I’m not telling you to abstain from voting.  That’s probably the absolute dumbest choice of them all.  If you don’t vote, then you don’t count.  What I am saying is to vote responsibly.  Don’t let family tradition lead you down another generation of stupidity.  Do your homework and vote to promote your daily life and not these fabricated political issues.
Don’t be the fool who brags, “I helped get marijuana legalized” and you can’t even afford to buy it because you’re unemployed.
Don’t be the idiot who pumps his chest over voting for/against gay marriage and your kid has a metal detector at his/her school because of recent classroom shootings.
Don’t be the nut who jumps for joy that 25,000 more soldiers are sent overseas while 35,000 jobs go with them.

It’s time to put on your big boy/girl pants and think for yourself for a change.  Stop letting CNN, MSNBC and FOX News put thoughts in your head.  Learn how to separate the real from the manufactured.  These people rely on you being emotional about what they’re saying instead of logical.  That’s why they have these outrageous stories and headlines to push your buttons.  Emotional people make stupid decisions.

So, the next time you turn on one of those “news” channels, be sure to take the time to ask yourself after each segment of the show, “is who a person is praying to, sleeping with, etc. affecting my ability to put food on the table and keep the lights on?”

What percentage of politicians do you think really care about the United States?

When I first started my blog, two years ago today, it was called “Thank, Q for Common Sense” for a reason. I felt the desire to inject some “common sense” into the blogging world. Although people are welcome to blog about whatever they would like, I thought there were too many blogs that lacked perspective. So many blogs seemed as if they were based on what the writer felt from the heart instead of from the brain.

I didn’t want to do that. I wanted my blog to be strictly based on logic and perspective because that’s how I try to live my life. Because of that, it gets frustrating to come across people who don’t have the same concept. I wish people would stop choosing emotions over common sense. Just because you like something or someone doesn’t mean that you should defend that idea/person at all costs.

I remember when the Chris Brown / Rihanna incident happened how so many people on Twitter were coming to his defense. “Well, we don’t know what Rihanna said to him that pissed him off.”

“Everyone deserves a second chance.”

“Leave Chris Brown alone.”

Really? So, simply because you like the guy (or you’re a fan), he isn’t guilty of anything? R. Kelly. Charlie Sheen. Lindsay Lohan. I can go on-and-on. These people have been accused of some heinous acts yet they’re even more popular than ever. Why? Because you like their music or they make you laugh in a sitcom or movie. Ummmm, okay.

Well, let me take that back. I’m not saying that you can’t be fans. I’m just saying that I think it looks stupid to defend them when people talk about the heinous acts that they committed. I think that’s what’s wrong with this country. We use our emotions to make decisions (which wind up being irrational). Everything offends us because we’re too emotional. It doesn’t matter if it’s a true statement or not because common sense isn’t factored into the equation. If it hurts our feelings, then we lash out. We’ll even lash out over something that has nothing to do with us. Twitter blew up months ago from people defending Whitney Houston’s substance abuse problem after her death. People who didn’t even know her were pissed off at just the mere thought that someone who was in rehab as recently as last year was speculated to have overdosed… because they like her music. I even had someone on Facebook get mad at me for not Liking her “We Love Whitney” fan page. I told her respectfully that I didn’t want to join the page which resulted in her Unliking my fan page.

Wow. Because I don’t feel the same way you do about a person, I’m of no use to you any more, huh? So be it.

Tantrums used to be a kid thing.  Not in 2012.

People, I’m tired. I’m tired of being the only person willing to put myself in other people’s shoes to understand their point. I’m tired of stating a fact only to have it offend someone because it applies to them or someone they know. I’m tired of being the voice of reason in an unpopular situation. Maybe two years has been enough time to fight stupidity. Maybe it’s time for me to terminate my blog and move on with my life and find another hobby.

Psych! Are you nuts? LOL! That’s actually what drives my blog. The more ignorance I encounter, the more posts I type. I shall continue with my message because some things just need to be said. I will “blog ’til I fall” and hope that I can just get one person to stop and think. You don’t have to agree with me, but at least consider things from someone else’s perspective. And remember this, as I blow out the candles on Year Two: common sense is like deodorant, the people who need it the most don’t use it. (drops mic)

This country used to be mentally tough. What happened?