Lessons in Accountability from a 12-Year Old

Posted: October 25, 2015 in accountability, football, kids, life lessons

I was at my god son’s football game last Monday. On their only touchdown play, he was called for holding and the penalty resulted in nullifying the TD.

He was taken out of the game and the coach talked to him about what happened.  His body language on the sidelines showed that he was angry with himself.  After the game, he was visibly upset and said that he “let the team down.”

Words can’t express how proud that I was to hear him say that.  This is a 12-year old thinking about his team when most adults can only think about themselves.

If everyone took the same approach to accountability as he does then how much better would we all be for it?  If everyone at work gave 100% then our jobs would be easier.  If everyone at home gave 100% then our family lives would be easier.

Take a lesson from a 12-year old playing a game and make sure that you’re accountable for your actions.

My god son may have gotten a penalty, but he’s still my MVP.

  1. Awesome blog! Thank you for sharing! Great point there. �� If we all all would take responsibility and accountability for our actions this world would be a greater place!

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