Start Your Own Stereotype

Posted: December 9, 2014 in education, motivation, race, stereotype

I went to the eye doctor a few weeks back and I noticed an Asian mom encouraging her son to read.  Now, why do I have to reference what race she was?  Because Asian people are stereotyped for being smart.

But, they’re not born smart contrary to what some dumb people may think.  The reason the stereotype exists is because there’s a culture in place for them that places an emphasis on learning.

Maybe instead of assuming that every Asian baby is born with a high IQ why not start your own stereotype?  Take time to teach your child the importance of early education and it will stick with them for life.  Then maybe they can teach their kids and start a new tradition of learning for your race.

Learning isn’t exclusive to Asians any more than dancing is exclusive to black people.  Anyone can do anything another race can do with practice.  It does appear that some things come more naturally to some than others, but don’t let that deter you.  If you believe then you can achieve.  Okay, that was cheesy even for me.

  1. Q. Smart comment, as always. Too bad for us white guys that the penis size myth is true. Trust me, I've tried to talking and threatening and bribing. Nothing works.

    Fuck Walmart!

  2. I have always admired the educationally centered culture of the Asian community. The kids are highly skilled in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) by the age of 10. While our kids are at home watching RHOA and Bad Girls Club, Asian kids are being innovative and changing the world. Great post!

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