Once A Momma’s Boy, Always A Momma’s Boy?

Posted: November 13, 2014 in dating, men, relationships, women

Ladies, he appears to be the perfect gentleman. He opens doors. He pulls out chairs. He even respects you enough to let you order first at dinner. Everything is perfect until… the phone rings… he answers it and his face lights up… Before you even have a chance to ponder if he’s cheating or not, you hear him say, “Hi, Mom!”

It doesn’t sound like it should be anything bad.  But, your man is a momma’s boy.  When his mom calls then she becomes Priority One and you temporarily get kicked to the curb.  Maybe his mom was a single parent and her son feels like he owes her everything.  Or maybe he just appreciates what his mom has done for him.  Regardless of the reason, he’s always putting his mom first and extending his undying loyalty to her.

What is it like being a “side chick” to his mother?  Because that’s what your relationship becomes whenever she’s in the picture.  This has to be frustrating as a woman when a man can’t seem to “get off the teat.”  For the most part, a woman and man can still function as a couple despite him loving his mom a bit more than what his lady may prefer.  However, will he ever get over mom and make his lady his #1?

Can a man grow out of being a momma’s boy?  
  1. Suzie A. says:

    Yikes!! Being a devoted son and taking good care of your mother is one thing BUT putting your mom first before your partner is a TOTALLY other thing!! I think there has to be a balance. Family is an essential part of our lives but there is a place for everything and everyone. If he can't put is partner first, then he's got to re-evaluate his priorities!!

  2. Quincy S says:

    I agree. Partner first and then family. As long as partner respects the balance then everything should be okay! 🙂

  3. So… first of all, as a single mom, I do NOT see anything wrong with my son's face lighting up when I call… But I purposely raised my boys to be independent and to pursue their own dreams for this very reason. I want them to be good, strong men, who live their lives and are only allegiant to those they love within boundaries. It's gotta be healthy or it isn't as precious. That is all! 🙂

  4. Q. How's it hanging, my friend? OK, the answer lies in the name- Momma's Boy. Grown up man still on the teet is always going to need the comfort that can only come from his mommy's bosom.

    That said, one of my ex-wives had a bosom I never wanted to leave. Maybe if a man divorces his mother, he can get a new nickname and be more of a man to another woman. This shit makes my brain hurt. Why do you keep asking deep questions?

    OK, next, how do you find such nice ladies to comment here to your place? Am I rambling?

    Thinking about you.

  5. Quincy S says:

    Mooner! How goes it? I was just thinking about Austin yesterday. Your comment cracks me up. If a momma's boy had the will power to divorce his mom then he probably wouldn't be much of a momma's boy to start. As for the lovely women, I have no idea why they take the time to comment on my blog, but I love each and every one of them!

  6. Quincy S says:

    (applause) I think that is awesome, Lisa! Some moms intentionally keep their sons hanging on for their own selfish gains. That's part of the problem there.

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