I Despise Social Media Oversharers

Posted: February 18, 2014 in social networks
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West Coast fans have it bad thanks to social media.

(steps on soapbox)

I’m sick of it to the point that I have to blog about it..

Stop it… Just stop it…

Stop thinking that what you have to say is somehow more important than anyone else. 

Stop thinking that putting something on Facebook or Twitter somehow turns you into Anderson Cooper or Rachel Maddow. 

Wait. You may be confused. Let me explain:

First of all, when I say “overshare,” I’m not talking about the people who put too much information on their timelines. TMI is a problem in social networking, but it can usually be ignored easily. Besides, seeing an older co-worker discuss increasing the fiber in his diet doesn’t really impact me.

The people that I can’t stand are the spoilers. The people who watch sporting events, movies, and/or TV shows and choose to disclose every single plot point or game score on their timeline. Those are the people that I wish I could ship off to a remote island with no cell phone signal or Wi-Fi.

The reason that I hate them is because they force me to live in a bubble because they can’t keep their mouths closed! They’re so selfish and arrogant that they feel as if they have a right to reveal information to you and ruin your experience! They’re too self-centered to ponder if you may want to watch the show and enjoy the revelation of each storyline just as they did. No, you don’t get to have that luxury because they typed out the entire show on their timeline!

(takes a deep breath)

The perfect example of this is the ABC hit show, “Scandal.”  If you don’t watch that show as it airs, then you may as well turn off every electronic in your home until you do.  Everywhere you look, someone will post important information about the show that will ruin your viewing experience.  “Fitz got shot!”  “Mellie got raped!”

Dag, at least give me a week.  SMH.  People on the West Coast must really hate the time difference because they literally have to disconnect from social media for two hours prior to any relevant show.  If not, they will have someone spoil the show appear on their timeline.

Another example is sports.  There were two college bowl games that I wanted to see this week.  One on Monday and one on Tuesday.  Both came on in the mid-afternoon prior to me getting off of work.  To be able to go home and enjoy the recording of the game, I had to eliminate Facebook and Twitter from my afternoon.  Despite the fact that I don’t follow ESPN or any TV sports personalities on social media, I still have to disconnect because everyone else on my timeline doesn’t care if I want to enjoy the game or not.

I failed to make it home both days without knowing the scores to the game.  Despite the fact that I disconnected from social media, an associate felt the need to “share” the score with me and ruin my evening.  Although I chose to avoid Facebook and Twitter, she didn’t.  And with all of that technology at her finger tips, she couldn’t wait to reveal the score of the game as if I had some sort of appreciation for it.  As if I had no way of ever being able to watch the game once I got home.  Like DVR’s haven’t been invented.

I came home both evenings and deleted the recordings of the games without watching them.  Why would I watch?  I already knew the final score.  What’s the point?  The opportunity to watch the game unfold was taken from me by some selfish individual.

Look, I get that watching TV with a bunch of followers/friends is exciting.  I chat during shows, too, but I never reveal anything in my tweets because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone.  Social media has options for people to create private groups in which to discuss things.  Why not create a private group so people who are watching the show live can chat it up with you?  Wouldn’t that be better than spoiling it for people who have to work or maybe live on the West Coast?

Then again, if you do that, then that would mean that you actually have to put forth an effort to consider other people’s feelings, huh?  Please just choke yourself to sleep.  Wake up.  Repeat. 

(steps off soapbox)


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