Want #Sex? There’s An App for That!

Posted: December 22, 2013 in app, dating, murder, one night stand, sex, technology

People are trying to hook up faster and faster these days.  Sites like AdultFriendFinder.com brag about how you can find people who are interested in sex with no dating mumbo-jumbo.  Skip the formalities and just say if you’re down with the horizontal mambo or not.  Now there’s a phone app that is actually supposed to be even more efficient.  It was an app created by a couple of guys whose focus was to empower women in their sexuality.  Um, okay.  It allows them to seek sex without the judgmental eye of society watching.

The app is called Pure and it has taken hooking up to the next level.  This app allows you to peruse photos until you find someone that you like.  It will search for members in your local area because if you’re in Miami then you wouldn’t want to waste your time connecting with someone that lives in Seattle.  So, after you find that person in your area, you’ll have to wait and see if that person likes you.  If you’re both attracted, then you can basically decide “your place or theirs” at that point.

Seems easy enough, right?  A few taps on your phone could lead to a night of this:

Or this…

Would you ever use an app for a one-night stand?

  1. Vinny C says:

    Nope. As convenient as the whole “no strings, no hassle” thing might be, I couldn't see myself picking the random stranger I was going to screw as casually as I might decide what take-out I was going to order. Besides, I'm actually appalled at the idea of this app taking potential customers from all the poor, hardworking hookers out there. And, this time of year, some of them are out standing in freezing conditions plying their trade. Think of the hookers!

  2. Quincy S says:

    LOL! The hookers are the true victims in this, aren't they? I'd be afraid that one of these women would rob me or something. I couldn't do it. Too risky.

  3. Q. I wish you hadn't posted this. I'm sitting so heavily on my hands to prevent an attempt to connect to this ap that I've broken three fingers. I find lonely women quite attractive.

    Happy and Merry, my friend.

  4. Quincy S says:

    LOL! Mooner, don't hurt yourself! I should have blocked you from the post so that you wouldn't be tempted by it! Enjoy your holidays, sir!

  5. So… kinda like Tinder? Hahaha… I suppose it really isn't all that different that perusing a bar and taking a random stranger home – as long as you're safe about it.

  6. Quincy S says:

    Safety is definitely the key, but it's hard to guarantee that with so many nuts out there in the world. 🙂

  7. Kelly says:

    I'd rather just go to a party and meet someone that way, so there's at least some people who know him. An app is so sketchy, esp for women. I'm old-fashioned. Get drunk with friends and make a few mistakes that way!

  8. Quincy S says:

    LOL! That is definitely the old school way of getting it done, Kelly! An app does seem really convenient way to get stalked and killed. As lazy as people are these days, if someone puts forth the effort to go out to a bar to meet someone then chances are they may be on the same page as you are.

  9. Oh GOD I just wanna get LAID already! 707-671-2295

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