"Carlos Danger," You’re Still A Weiner

Posted: July 28, 2013 in media, politics, scandal, sex

Anthony, will the ladies always be a weakness for you?  

NYC mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner, is back in the news for the wrong reasons (again).  If you remember back to 2011, Weiner sent a photo of his “last name” to a woman on Twitter.  The media grabbed ahold to it (the photo, not his weiner) and it ultimately forced him to resign from his Congressional position.

You would think losing a Congressional spot and causing marital strife would be enough for Anthony to straighten up and fly right.  Well, no, that’s not the case.  A.W. went incognito and decided to go online under the alias of “Carlos Danger.”  I’ll give you a few seconds to wipe the tears from your eyes and stop laughing…

He exchanged messages with a woman asking if she’d seen the photos that he released in 2011 and if she was impressed by them.  Of course, the media got their hands on the transcript from the conversations and Anthony is now under pressure to drop out of the mayoral race.  A race in which the polls showed him with a comfortable lead until this information was “leaked.”

Most Weiner supporters Democrats people would say, “his personal life has nothing to with his potential career as mayor.”

Actually, I think that it would have an impact on it.  This is a man, who hurts his marriage and throws away a political seat over potential sex, has a chance to start over fresh, but does the same thing?  I would question that person’s ability to make decisions.  Who’s to say that Anthony Weiner wouldn’t fall into corruption as mayor if he wins?  Anyone could send a sexy woman his way to compromise what few morals he may have left.

It’s a shame, too.  Weiner could have won and probably could have been a good mayor had he kept his head in his pants on straight.

What do you think?  Does Carlos Danger / Anthony Weiner deserve a 3rd chance?

“Not even I can help this guy!”


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