Are You The Grill Master?

Posted: July 8, 2013 in barbecue, hobby, summer

Yes, I am!  I’ve really gotten into grilling as of late.  I’ve always wanted to be “that guy” who could throw down on a barbecue grill, but I just never took the time to really learn it.  Prior to this summer, I’ve grilled maybe three or four times in my life.  Just this summer alone, I’ve fired up the grill at least five or six times.  And I still have plenty of summer left!

Part of it was wanting to try something new in my life.  After all, everyone hits a mid-life crisis at some point, I guess.  Instead of running out and buying a motorcycle, I decided to try and create the perfect blend of seasoning for chicken, burgers, etc.  The other part is the really cool barbecue grill set that my significant other’s oldest daughter got me for Father’s Day (although I’m not biologically a dad).  It came in a cool James Bond-esque suitcase, too, so you know that I have to use it whenever I can.

For those who are visiting Mississippi prior to summer ending, look me up and I’ll throw one on for you!

Have you found a new hobby late in life?


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