Gotta Love @JeseniaBailey!

Posted: November 21, 2012 in comedy, jesenia bailey, latina, support

Introducing Actress/Comedienne, Jesenia Bailey!

Jesenia Bailey

I’ve come across a lot of talented people since I started my blog.  I’ve met some really great writers, actresses, models, talk show hosts, singers, etc.  Well, now I can say that I’ve run into a pretty funny comedian in Jesenia Bailey.

I stumbled across her in a Facebook group which eventually led me to her YouTube channel.  I was treated to some very amusing impersonations as Jesenia took on multiple characters and pulled them off quite nicely.  To help you fet to know her a little better, here is some info from her website over at

“Jesenia is a New York comedian/actress/writer/producer.  She’s a seasoned theater & film actress, having performed both comedic and dramatic roles.  Jesenia is also a stand-up comedian and has performed at all the major comedy clubs in NYC, including:  Carolines and StandUp NY.   

Jesenia is currently pitching her webseries “BECOMING RICARDO”, which is based on her signature character Ricardo Montalban, an off-beat, high-strung macho man.  The webseries will premiere online in August 2012. 

One of Jesenia’s career goals is to become the FIRST Latina cast member/writer on a TV network Sketch Comedy Show!”

Jesenia does tons of characters and she appears to be an up-and-coming performer.  As you know, I absolutely love to see someone, who is good at what they do, excel to higher grounds.

So, I’m asking my TQ Family to help support someone once again by visiting Jesenia’s Facebook page before Friday, November 23rd, to help her out.

By taking a minute, you can help promote a career and keep Jesenia moving in the right direction!  Go to this link and simply click “Like.”  This contest is in place to help promote more Latinos in show business.  Jesenia could easily fit in with the SNL crew and ultimately into movies and your Like could help.

After you click the link, then stop on by her YouTube channel and check out her funny skits.  Here’s a sample of the characters she performs below:

                           (* 11/24 update * Jesenia won! Thanks for your help, everyone!)

Follow @JeseniaBailey on Twitter!

Jesenia doing her victory dance!
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