OMG. I’m A Cat Owner…

Posted: August 21, 2012 in cat, pets, storytelling, The Mrs.

“Meow, man.  Meow.”

I’m was on Twitter on Friday morning and I came across a tweet: “HEY everyone!!! I’ve found 3 sweet kittens that need a good home! DM me if you’re interested!!!:) they get along with dogs & other cats!”

Now, let me give you a little background about myself… I’ve always hated cats. I’ve hated them with a passion since I was a kid. I got my first dog when I was three and I’ve hated cats ever since. Dogs are loyal and protective. Cats are manipulative and selfish. At no time did I ever consider owning one, but then I married The Mrs… She wanted a cat. I didn’t care. I told her that I’d do anything for her except get her a cat. I don’t want one of those things walking around my house in the way. Scratching up furniture. Tipping over fragile things. Being a nuisance.

“HEY everyone!!! I’ve found 3 sweet kittens that need a good home! DM me if you’re interested!!!:) they get along with dogs & other cats!” “

“Why is that tweet jumping out at me?” I think to myself.

The Mrs. hasn’t been feeling the best as of late. Back problems. Something like this could brighten up her day. That’s when the devil on my shoulder appeared. “Idiot,” he started, “you know that you hate cats.”

Then the angel appeared on the other shoulder, “Do you know how excited it would make her if you brought home a kitten?”

Devil: “Whatever. She wouldn’t like him because she didn’t pick him out herself.”

Angel: “She’ll be happy with whatever you bring home. She’ll be stunned that you love her enough to go against your dislike of cats.”

(Sigh) I tweeted to the owner, “Do you have photos of them?”

Three photos appeared on my timeline and one of them jumped out at me.

“Ooh! Ooh!  Pick me!  Pick me!”

I contacted the young lady with the cats. She’s local. I started following her on Twitter about two or three months ago because she came off as a pleasant and positive person. She agreed to meet me at a restaurant within walking distance on my job. I get out of my car and walk around to hers when I’m met by her dog, Dulce. A cute, little dog (couldn’t tell you what kind though) who is running around the parking lot and maximizing the length of his leash.

Out pops the young lady who’s giving me my choice of kitten. Her name is Maira.  She looks early 20’s, Hispanic, long hair and very attractive. She smiles through her braces and reaches in the backseat for two kittens. Although they all looked similar, I knew that I wanted the one from the photo. There was no need to even look at the third kitten that was still in the car. I thanked Maira and got in the car with the kitten. On my way home, the kitten tried to climb up on my shoulder while I was driving. I immediately started thinking of the recent blog post I did about unrestrained pets in cars.

However, I manage to hold him until I got home. The fact that he seemed so friendly was appealing.  He was growing on me already.  I get inside the house and I’m hiding the kitten behind my laptop bag. The Mrs. looks at me funny as I approach her. I pull out the kitten and she has this look on her face as if Ashton Kutcher is going to pop out and tell her that she’s been “Punk’d.”

I later texted Maira to tell her how big of a smile the kitten put on The Mrs.’ face. I offered her to let me send her something to show my appreciation, but she said, “just knowing y’all will be happy is more than enough.”

Such a sweet girl.

So, after the first 100+ hours, a trip to Petco and cat-proofing my electronics, I’ll admit that it’s not so bad… yet. The Mrs. named him “Char,” which is short for “charcoal” and the name of one of our favorite restaurants.

Omg. I’m a cat owner.  What have I done?

  1. Corey says:

    Congrats man. Forwarding this over to Misty.

  2. the Tsaritsa says:

    Awww, this is a really cute story– so nice that you listened to the angel! And that kitten is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!! Black cats rule 🙂

  3. Thank, Q says:

    Thanks, I think. LOL! Char is a character. He owns every chair in the house now.

  4. Thank, Q says:

    Thanks, NbN. I enjoy the kitten's antics, but his claws are super sharp. I hate it when he tries to climb me while I'm wearing short pants.

  5. Bratfink says:

    Well, your life has changed forever! I love my 3 rescues.

  6. Angela says:

    Very brave of you. Well done!

  7. Natalie says:

    Welcome to the world of awesome. You will never go back after learning they clean themselves and don't need to be walked.

  8. Thank, Q says:

    Char is also a rescue according to the young lady who gave him to me. I got his sister on yesterday from Maira for my father to gift to one of his friends. So, two of the three have new homes now. She may keep the third one for herself.

  9. Thank, Q says:

    LOL! Thank you! Let's just hope I can keep him under control. As for now, he's starting to climb everything! That's a concern for me because the day I see him on my big screen is the day I'll have a stroke in my living room.

  10. Thank, Q says:

    I kind of wish that I could walk him. One of the things that made me want a dog was the fact that it was an excuse to exercise. However, having a kitten who is already litter box trained is great! Dogs aren't nearly as reliable as cats when it comes to that.

  11. Congrats and welcome to the club Q! I love cats myself and have a 13 year old spoiled Queen who runs my home who I actually adopted at Petsmart when she was 8 wks old. Now that she's in her old age, she's set in her ways and even MORE finicky about the brands/types of food she'll eat. But you have a little ways to go before that "old cat, I run this, finicky" beast comes out LOL~Kesha

  12. Thank, Q says:

    Being finicky isn't a concern for me. To be honest, my biggest concern is keeping this dude on the floor. He likes to climb and he appears to be getting higher and higher. If I can find a way to curb that, then we'll be golden!

  13. dcmcmillen says:

    That’s sweet that you would get a cat for your wife. My boyfriend bribed me into moving in with him with the promise of a dog…

    I hope you all get along!

  14. Q says:

    Thanks! I’m really enjoying him so far. He cracks me up with his antics!

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