Synthetic Marijuana & Ninjas

Posted: July 18, 2012 in drugs, video

What in the Wide World of Sports is going on with everyone? Who would have thought that people wanting to get a simple buzz would turn into synthetic marijuana and ninjas? Yes, ninjas.

Check out the video below where this guy, who is higher than giraffe booty, decides to go Jackie Chan on some cops. The one minute mark is where things go haywire.

Did you see how dude channeled his inner-Neo and went Matrix on those cops? My question is: did he know martial arts before he got high or did the chronic instill some Crouching Junkie Hidden Dragon in him?

I’m not a drinker and I’m definitely not a smoker. I’ll just stick to an all-natural high. I’ve never been drunk or high and I cannot stand the feeling of not being in control. I even hated being under the influence of anesthesia shortly after my knee surgery last November. If drugs are making people do flip-kicks and eat each other, than count me out.

Have you ever been that out of control? Be honest with me!

  1. Amy says:

    Hilarious!!! Omg I have been drunk to the point I am sing (or think I can sing) dance like a rockstar (or think I can dance like a rockstar), but never this intoxicated or high. I cannot not believe what people will ingest to get high and it seems nothing is safe, but I have to admit when the guy who was filming said “this guys like a ninja” I almost peed laughing!! Sad part about this is this guy will one day tell his friends “Dudes you should have seen it *chuckle* I got away from 3 cops after being tasered. It was the best weed ever!”. JACKASS!!!

    • Thank, Q says:

      LOL! Amy, I love drunk karaoke guy/girl at the bar! They are my favorite people! It’s nothing like seeing someone who thinks they can channel their inner-Mariah Carey or inner-Adam Levine in front of a live audience. LOL! You’re right. That guy will have a story to tell for sure! Thanks for commenting!

  2. 3dnyce says:

    Stimulants can aid in relieving stress, and anxiety and I love wine and cape cods but, over indulgence of any good thing is bad. Whoever thought they would mke ynthetic marijuana, a weed that grows abundantly in many places, & why would u ever ingest bath salts?! Craziness

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