Scan My Butt

Posted: June 14, 2012 in exploit, technology, women

Geekdom meets exploitation! You can’t beat it! Companies are now using QR codes to advertise their products and what better product placement than on the butt? QR codes are the bar codes that you scan with your phone in order to access the message and / or website.

So, take technology and mix it with a man wanting any type of excuse to aim his cell phone at a woman’s butt and you have a marketing dream!

Beach volleyball, car shows and electronic expos are the breeding grounds for this new form of advertising.  With the recent E3 expo in Vegas, there were plenty of cell phones taking photos scanning QR codes to get information on products. I’m not sure how I’d feel about someone trying to scan my butt.

Fair or foul on this new form of advertising?

  1. Q. This is so up my ally I don't even know what to say.

  2. If anyone tried to s an my ass…they'd probably get slapped. I'm cracking up imagining them aging "could you smooth that out…the wrinkles are f'ing with the bar code!"

  3. Thank, Q says:

    Just make sure your cell phone battery is charged!

  4. Pish Posh says:

    Oh man we are all going to turn into walking advertisements.Some bar codes are going to be a LOT bigger than others. We need special scanners for badonkadonk, pancake butt, etc.

  5. Thank, Q says:

    LOL! I guess they'll be an app for each one.

  6. says:

    Fail miserably. We used this for our Promo models, but it was on their t-shirt and not on their rear end. I was at a trade show recently and it's not unusual to see models to get people in their booth, but on their a– is just wrong. Now if they choose to wear it, be prepared for the remarks to come after.

  7. Thank, Q says:

    Yeah, it's one of those things where you have to take the good with the bad. You'll get plenty of attention, but it may not be the attention that you want.

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