Posted: May 19, 2012 in gossip, selfish, social networks, tv

“You wanna tweet me, don’t you?”

I know that I may upset some of my followers on Facebook and Twitter, but “some things just need to be said.”  I use Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis. Twitter more so than Facebook, but I check both of them multiple times per day. However, there is a time that I absolutely despise them both: when a popular television show is on.

(begin rant) 

I absolutely can’t stand when people reveal plots from television shows as they air! In the age of DVR’s, not everyone watches live TV. If you don’t have a friend who will come over and watch the show with you, then don’t go running to your 500 friends on Facebook and ruin their chance of enjoying a show!

The other night, the season finale of “Scandal” aired. As you can tell by the title, the show is full of suspense and controversy. The last thing you need before watching a show like this is someone on Facebook or Twitter giving you the play-by-play on what’s happening!

Now, I won’t embarrass any of my Twitter followers or Facebook friends by printing screenshots of my timelines.  I eventually had to close out of both pages because I could not risk the chance of seeing something that would ruin the suspense for me in the season finale.  I just wish that if they choose to tweet/post about a show that they use discretion and not reveal key components.  No tweets like, “I can’t believe (insert character) just got killed” or “I knew (insert character) was the father of her child!”

Memo to people who use social networks as a TV companion: some people are at work, running errands or just like to save shows to watch on the weekends.  It would be appreciated if you DM’d or inboxed your friends rather than blab the entire show plot to the world.  Yes, I could just ignore Twitter and Facebook until I watch the show, but why should I be held hostage by a couch commentator?

I guess I’ll be forced to learn more about creating Twitter groups so that I can isolate the tweets that I want to see and ignore the scandalous talk about every prime time show that matters to me.  I’m sorry if this hurts someone’s feelings, but try considering someone else’s feelings before you send that status update.  No one wants their evening plans to watch a show they love ruined by someone who resist the urge to tweet spoilers.

(end rant)
  1. Kissowa says:

    I'm so with you on this. I hate hate hate spoilers. Show some goddamn consideration, ffs.

  2. I am purposely cautious for that reason. The only thing I tweet about it sports. If you aren't fan enough to watch it live you deserve to have it spoiled. Shows I don't tweet about or if I do I am vague (no details) for people in other time zones or who DVR. I don't have DVR or even ondemand so I watch what I want when it's on or not at all so this isn't as much of an issue for me. I hear ya though.

  3. Thank, Q says:

    Thank you! It's nothing wrong with discussing a show, but don't reveal the main plot lines.

  4. Thank, Q says:

    I have to disagree with you on the sports. Everyone doesn't have a Mon-Fri, 9 AM – 5 PM schedule. Some people have no choice but to record. I usually watch my football live, but when I can't, I have to stay away from social networks because people tweet scores.

  5. Q you should do like I do and avoid people all together. LOL. Only partly joking.

  6. Thank, Q says:

    I know, right? Maybe I should just go Tom Hanks on everyone and buy an island and only talk to a volleyball. Wait. I wonder if I can get DirecTV installed on an island?

  7. Lawfrog says:

    GAH! You have addressed one of my biggest pet peeves!! This also happens on sites devoted to books. When I do reviews of books, I always put in huge, bold letters SPOILERS TO FOLLOW. It's just common courtesy. By the way, if I could get a good Wi-Fi connection, I would totally move to an island. Really getting tired of the human race, but that's a general condition so I guess I'll have to deal with it. 😉

  8. Thank, Q says:

    LOL! If islands had Wi-Fi, then I'm sure they would be crowded! Most people do disclose a Spoiler Alert, but not these tweeters. They just blab the entire plot. You have no expectation of it, so you don't know not to look at your timeline. I don't follow ESPN or the NFL because I don't want them to reveal scores to me. But, John and Jane Doe want to be reporters and ruin it for me.

  9. Tiffany says:

    I'm totally guilty, but I've only tweeted "spoilers" during big TV events like the Grammys and the Oscars. I never really thought that I could be spoiling it for other people.

  10. Thank, Q says:

    The Grammys and Oscars may be important to someone. However, it's not a big deal to me, but to someone DVR'ing it, it could be. Spoilers are just that to some people.

  11. the Tsaritsa says:

    Yeah, I hate when people live tweet shows as they air, especially being on the West Coast. Someone on my timeline ruined a plot twist for me in the SERIES FINALE episode of House. I was so pissed, and the show was still a few hours away for me, so I tweeted "Please don't post spoilers for the last episode of House– thanks, the west coast." So annoying!

  12. Thank, Q says:

    Yeah, I feel the same way. It's okay to discuss something, but don't just throw the entire plot out there. I also hate how you can tell someone that you plan on renting a movie and they tell you about it anyway.

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