Flashback to a Reality Show!

Posted: April 27, 2012 in flashback

At least once a month, I’m going to flashback to previous posts for my new followers who may have missed out.  A year ago today, I had a crazy idea come true.  I wanted to take a bunch of bloggers and compile their creativity to create one crazy fictional story.  They all decided to take the plunge with me and create a story about all of us. The first story didn’t release until 5/9/2011, but everything came together last year on April 27, 2011.

I present to you “The Real Blogger Shore’s Amazing Undercover Idol Intro.”

“I know you’re staring at that title and wondering if I’ve officially lost my mind.

Maybe. I was on the Yahoo! homepage and I noticed some “news” stories about one or two reality shows and it gave me an idea: I’m going to write a reality show idea about bloggers and pitch it to FOX!

It will be called: The Real Blogger Shore’s Amazing Undercover Idol! (Did I hit every major reality show title in that?) Basically, it’s about some stereotypical bloggers who are stashed in a posh mansion in Helena, Montana. Why Helena? Because the mansions there are cheaper to rent than Beverly Hills. We’re on a budget, you know? Now, stay with me.

This show will be very similar to MTV’s “The Real World” which some people call the first traditional reality show. Like “TRW,” you need an interesting blend of characters to sell the show. Here are my list of bloggers to join the mansion:”

Each one of us tells a part of this story, so you’ll travel to each blogger’s site to read “The Greatest Story Ever Told!”  You can find Part I here and don’t say that I didn’t warn you.  šŸ™‚

For the people who participated in this, what’s your take a year later?


  1. Michelle W says:

    OMG this was SO fun!! I can't believe it reading it how crazy we were. I would have liked to take it even further- going a second round of passing the story– maybe we can get it together to do a "reunion expose". LOL

  2. the Tsaritsa says:

    We should do a season two!

  3. Thank, Q says:

    A reunion? It sounds just crazy enough to work! Maybe I'll put together some emails and see what can be done.

  4. Thank, Q says:

    Would the networks renew us? With all of the recent talk about diversity in TV, maybe we're just what they need! šŸ™‚

  5. Haha, this was fun!But it stemmed from The Stunner… what happened to year 2 of the stunner??

  6. Thank, Q says:

    The Stunner was way too difficult to organize. I tried to get some things together last October, but people were too slow to respond. Timeliness was important with that and I'm not sure if all of the stars could line up again for a 2nd one.A new season of the reality show seems doable though. Of course, we'd have to draft one or two more rookies. I have a couple in mind.

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