Posted: March 29, 2012 in beauty

Actresses Lucille Ball and Christina Hendricks along with blogger, Cherie Martin

We all have something that fascinates us. Something that we find attractive and we’re not even sure of why. For me, when I was growing up, I was fascinated by redheads. I wonder if it’s because I used to watch “I Love Lucy” reruns religiously as a kid? Who knows?  But, despite most of her shows being broadcasted in black and white film, I still loved Lucy.

I mean, some guys are fascinated by twins (in more ways than one). I’ve seen dudes on TV who had a thing for little women (literally). But, me? Redheads. I carried that fascination with me throughout life and found myself always being a fan of theirs. To this day, I can appreciate a good-looking redhead over an attractive blond or brunette. Does this qualify as some sort of fetish? Seems like a strong word to use in this case, but it may be just that.

If The Mrs. reads this post, I hope she doesn’t come home in a red wig or anything tomorrow. That would just be weird.

What trait fascinates you about people?

  1. Thank, Q says:

    By the way, Cherie, you haven't blogged in almost a year. What's up with that? Can't find free time in Vegas? πŸ™‚

  2. I went through a red faze…accidentally. I was dying my hair and apparently I have a natural tendency towards red so the shade I was going for turned out pretty much straight red. Not intended but it was fun while I had it. Anyway…I don't think that I have a "thing" for a trait unless it is height. You could be an ugly ass like Zdno Chara (6'9 Bruins NHL player) but if you are tall…instant attraction. It's a thing for me. Anything else is a preference but height…yeah that'll do it almost every time. Accents, green eyes, and rough hands also work. lol. Again…preferences not necessary.

  3. My thing? Freckles. On the face, or on the chest. It sets me off.My girlfriend has them on her face. So does the chick from the hunger games movies. We went and say that this week. I turn to my girl and go "uh oh, babe… you have some competition…"

  4. I definitely think that redheads are hot, so you are not alone. And like Brandon, I am also very much in favor of freckles.

  5. HAHAHAHA no one has pissed me off enough lately to warrant a blog! Damn this new guy I'm dating; how dare he be so perfect? LOL

  6. the Tsaritsa says:

    I'm biased πŸ™‚

  7. Vinny C says:

    It's well known that I'm fascinated by the type of twins Christina Hendricks is proudly displaying up there.PS: There's something fascinating over on my blog that might also attract you.

  8. Thank, Q says:

    The nerve of him ruining a chance for me to obtain new content! πŸ™‚ I'm glad that everything is going well!

  9. Thank, Q says:

    So, if I threw on some stilts, then I'm your guy? LOL! Nah, I have surgeon hands, so they may not be rough enough for you. My eyes definitely aren't green and I'm married. I'm wrong for you all the way around, huh? LOL!

  10. Thank, Q says:

    Freckles are cute on some people, so I can see that. I think that I only prefer them on the face though.

  11. Thank, Q says:

    Dude, we're on the same page then on redheads. It's something about that fire. LOL! Thanks for commenting.

  12. Thank, Q says:

    Hmmmmm, I wonder why…. πŸ™‚

  13. Thank, Q says:

    I'll have to roll over there and check it out, V! And Christina is blessed. Yes, she is.

  14. Thank, Q says:

    Thanks for the award, man! I will definitely post about it and pass it on soon!

  15. Cherie says:

    Ok Ok Ok I'll write something already .. sheesh you drive a hard bargain!

  16. Thank, Q says:

    That, I do. Can't wait!

  17. Magic27 says:

    As a natural redhead (it's that Scottish blood in me, I guess), I thank you for this! I'm a huge fan of Christina Hendricks: she's done more to make red hair sexy than anyone else in the last forever… Not, of course, that I look anything like her (unfortunately). But still. Thank you!

  18. Thank, Q says:

    You're welcome! Christina has put redheads back in the forefront, it appears. She's very popular on Mad Men and is even more popular with everyday men. πŸ™‚

  19. lexi says:

    Christina Hendricks is gorgeous…every time I look at her I wish I was as well endowed! haha your post has inspired me to write a similar one, I'll link!

  20. Thank, Q says:

    I'm glad that it did, Lexi! Please feel free to return here to add your post link to the comments for the others to see! Thanks!

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