Aren’t You Too Old For That?

Posted: March 6, 2012 in nightclub, old, sexy

We all love to hold on to our youth as we grow older, but, at what point is a person too old to do something? When are we too mature for certain activities that should be reserved for the younger generation?

Night Club

Playa, playa!

I said that I would never be the old man in the club. I kept my word and bowed out of the night life scene shortly before getting married at age 30. I remember being 21 years old and in the club looking at people in their early 30’s wondering why they were there. Anything over 28 years old seems like 40 years old to a 21 year old. I just didn’t have a desire to be the guy sitting on the bar stool saying, “C’mere, gurl!,” to every single woman who walked by. I didn’t want to be the guy who piled up a $100 bar tab and still went home alone. But, to each their own. If Daddy Warbucks wants to shell out his social security money, then more power to him.



At some point, you have to say to yourself, “I look like a complete fool in this outfit.”

Right? Well, everyone doesn’t have the “common sense gene.” Some people can convince themselves of anything. Bobby Brown convinced himself into believing that he could sing. Margaret Cho convinced herself into believing that she was funny. Bill Clinton convinced himself that smoking weed and not inhaling was okay.

The point is: it’s important to have real friends. Real friends will be honest with you to prevent you from doing something stupid. Maybe the lady in the above photo doesn’t have any friends (or outlived them all). But, how many times have you dressed to go out and your friend shakes their head and sends you back to the closet? Well, when you’re older, you don’t have friends hanging around with you when you go out. You just get dressed. That’s why you’ll see older guys with pants up to their nipples or older women with wigs only an inch above their eyebrows. So, given that info, what do you think is going to happen to a 58 year old who thinks she would look good in her granddaughter’s outfit?

Unconventional piercings

Drew Barrymore shows her piercing

It’s your body, so ultimately, you can do what you want with it. I’m sure with all of the ink on Lil’ Wayne’s body, that when he gets old and wrinkled, he’ll simply look severely bruised. But, at least he was young when he did it. What about people who decide they want to be adventurous a little later in life? At what age is a person too old for a tongue, chin, nose or eyebrow ring? Of course, if you’re a celebrity, then you can get away with anything at any age. But, what if you’re Roberta, the cashier at the gas station down the block? Can she be a 53 year old rocking a tongue ring?

Should you give it up once you become a parent? Grandparent? I mean, do you really want your son or daughter’s friends to start giggling every time you leave the room?

The moral to this post is: make sure you have reliable friends as you get up in age. Someone you can trust to say “you’re too old for that” when you decide that you want to wear a bikini despite the fact that your breasts sag so much that you look like you have four arms.

Are you truly as old as you feel or as old as you are?


  1. Geez, Q, if I dressed as old as I felt, I'd still be pegging my pants and sporting my Benetton rugby shirt…lolI seriously loathe when older women wear teeny-bopper outfits and when older men wear those damned skinny jeans (oh yes…there is this 40-something dude at my work that tries to rock those skinny jeans and he looks like a damned FOOL!). I look at it like this, I dress mostly how I have to for work – but outside of work, I dress like I'm someone's mom – comfortable, presentable and no boobies hanging out, no visible camel toe (sorry Mooner!), no skin tight lycra that allows cellulite to show through, and no butt cheeks hangin' out of my shorts. And even if I had the body of Rihanna or J.Lo – I STILL wouldn't do it. I remember being embarrassed that my mom would wear mini skirts when I was in high school and I would say, "Why can't you just dress like you're my MOM?!!" And she would say, "If you got it – flaunt it." But, I totally disagree. I'd much rather look classy – even if it makes me "look" older, than look cheesy trying to keep up with the youngsters.

  2. Melanie says:

    Totally have to agree with Reck on this…I personally know a couple of grandparents, who shall remain nameless, that have gotten a little crazy in their older years. Whatever if that is what they want to do, and if they don't care how the rest of the world views them, then I guess that's fine for them, but they need to think about those they love that end up getting the brunt of the negativity from others.And there will always be some old dude in a club trying to get some young girls! Always!!

  3. Thank, Q says:

    A 40-something dude in skinny jeans? LOL! LOL! LOL! I would never miss a day of work just to see what he wore daily. Mom wore mini-skirts? That had to be hard as a kid. I think older women can still be sexy, but it has to be done with class. There's a huge difference between "sexy" and "hoochie."

  4. Thank, Q says:

    Melanie, I'm just glad I got out before I became the "old dude at the club." That's not a title to be proud of at all. And they're all the same guy: "Hey, gal! These little, young whippersnappers ain't got no money! I got money!" (Sigh)"Not I," said the Cat. Wasn't happening with me. I'm not saying that old people should just shrivel up and die. I'm just saying the rules should change a bit. A guy can be "The Situation" when he's in his 20's and James Bond when he's in his 50's, you know?

  5. I say rock it til you can't no more. My mom is 50 and is still considered 'hot' so she clubs and coug's all night long.I hope to be 60 and pimpin myself… like Dennis Hopper up there…

  6. says:

    I left the club scene early myself and haven't looked back. I do remember seeing some old dude with a "Jerry curl" trying to hook up with many girls back in the 80's (dripping all over the place – what were we thinking back in the 80's?) and it was straight pathetic. However, I think people do it because they still feel they can get away with it. If you look the part, then it might work, but then I have to wonder why if over a particular age anyone feels they have to keep up to fit in? It might not even be that, but it might come off that way. Like you said, being over 35 is like 50 to a 21 yr old. Either way, I am glad I have real friends that will tell me if something I have on don't work or if what I am doing is just plain dumb. Some people don't have that and you wonder why they are up in the club wearing a mini skirt and the outfit shows more than their a–? Ugh! Nasty!

  7. Another killer post. I have mixed feeling on this one. I'll tell u a funny story. This New Year's, I went to a bar ( a grown person bar) 2 couples. There was this old dude that looks like the old man in your pic who had so much swag, he would have made Jay Z look twice. He was dancing and grooving and we ended up calling him swag. I thought, that dude is living. But at the same time, sometimes you have to chill. I always joke that I'm too old to pick up girls at the bar because if they start yelling "daddy" I start handing out allowances and giving parental advice. I do know that if you are grown and you wear a baseball cap to the side, you got issues.

  8. Melanie says:

    There really is a way to age with class, that's for sure. You can be old and still be cool – by not acting like you are still 20…that's a really good start!

  9. Lisa says:

    Funny I was just thinking about this recently in terms of length of hair. I always thought at 40 a woman should cut her hair short. Now in my late 40's I'm still thinking should I let it grow for the summer? Is 50 the new 40 or 30? I truly believe age is just a number. But the comment above "age with class" also rings true.

  10. Thank, Q says:

    Exactly! šŸ™‚

  11. Thank, Q says:

    Dennis Hopper? LOL! I never pictured him as a pimp back in the day. Maybe I need to go back and watch a few more of his movies. As for your mom, if she's getting her cougar on, then it's MILF & cookie time on the dance floor!

  12. Thank, Q says:

    LOL! Some people think they have it going on, Sonia! LOL! I never went the curl route and I'm very proud of that! I wanted no part of "the drip."

  13. Dress your age. That doesn't mean you have to be doughty if you are older but don't be wearing a miniskirt. I'm sorry but nobody wants to see your varicose veins. I took my tongue ring out at 26 and it was about damn time. My life and career were not matching with the look I was projecting. Let's be honest for a minute–people do judge based on appearance even if we all know we shouldn't. So, yes, if a 30 year old with piercings & without, apply for a job with the same qualifications and experience I'm pretty sure unless said job is in a tattoo shop the one without piercings is going to get it. Just saying.

  14. Random Girl says:

    I have a hard time finding a good middle ground. I'm too old to be young and too young to be old so that is really tricky territory when it comes to wardrobe. I'm in shape and enjoy a good trend or two once in a while but I also am a professional and a mom so I have to try to balance it all out. It's a weird age/place to be…

  15. Thank, Q says:

    Good to see you back in the mix, Iz. Headgear worn any other way than prescribed is ridiculous for anyone out of high school. And if a girl at the club called me "daddy," I'd freak out.

  16. Thank, Q says:

    Cutting hair at a certain age? I never knew ladies did that. I guess that would be a good way for me to tell someone's age, huh? :)I do think 50 is the new 40 and 40 is the new 30, but clubbing on a regular basis shouldn't be in the lives of either. šŸ™‚

  17. Thank, Q says:

    Well, appearances make a world of difference in the work place. People do judge books by its cover even those they shouldn't. As for clubs, all of those things are normal, but being a 40-something with tatts and piercings will probably get more chuckles than anything else in most clubs.

  18. Thank, Q says:

    Yeah, we all get to that point to where we wonder if we should wear a certain outfit or not. I'm not sure when my transition took place, but it probably did around 28 or 29 years old. It was a slow process, but my sports jerseys were replaced by polo shirts.

  19. Iz and Q…so would it be weird if like your parents ended up going to the same club you and your friends did one New Years Eve (along with your friends' parents!) and when you needed a beer, you yelled, "Hey DAD!" across the bar??? I mean, like, he was really my dad…and I needed a beer, so he bought me one. That doesn't count, right???

  20. Thank, Q says:

    That's one of the topics on the show tonight. It is completely foul (IMO) to club with your kids! LOL! Even if you walked into the same club on NY's Eve on accident, you have to leave immediately when you see your kid.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Depends where you live. I have facial piercings, I'm in my 30s, and I work as a senior manager at a major medical company. Hooray for non-judgmental people in urban areas!

  22. Thank, Q says:

    I do think that times are changing to where things are more accepted, Anonymous. A person's appearance absolutely has no bearings on their talents. However, we still have some people who discriminate and judge books by their covers. I'm glad you have a great job and you can be you! šŸ™‚

  23. Emme Rogers says:

    I don't think that lingerie poising as a dress is good at any age, but dancing … no, you never too old to dance.

  24. Thank, Q says:

    True. A person can dance the night away at any age, but if they're dressed like Nicki Minaj, then it's a no-go. LOL!

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