Plus-Size Bikinis: Fair or Foul?

Posted: February 18, 2012 in fat, sexy

Could the trend of plus-sized bikinis catch on in the states? When we see shows on the Travel Channel in tourist cities with beaches, you typically see shots of fit women strutting around in their two-piece outfits. Even if you do see someone who may be a bit plump, they’re normally in a one-piece outfit and / or covered in a t-shirt.

Does it matter if someone not named Bry Jensen wears a bikini? Should women who are “thick in the waist and cute in the face” get an opportunity to dump the granny swimwear and dress sexy?

Plus-size bikinis: fair or foul? What’s your take?

“Sexy” comes in all shapes and sizes, doesn’t it?

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  1. There are some big women who look good proportionally. If your curves are in all the right places, it's ok if you're not a size 4.But if you have cottage cheese thighs, knees, elbows, etc I'd reconsider the bikini. Just like how I don't take my chunky butt out in the skin-tight euro-trunks…

  2. Thank, Q says:

    I think that people should be honest with themselves before coming out of their homes. What make feel comfortable may make other people uncomfortable and people need to remember that.But, I do know some big girls who know how to dress sexy. Everyone just have to know their limitations regardless of size.

  3. I say go for it, women of the world. Absolutely. Everyone has the right to wear what they find sexy — not everyone has to agree.I know some insanely fit and insanely attractive women that have barely any self-confidence because of the society that judges people so.Then I know others who aren't quite as fit and trim, but are confident as hell. And I really dig that.

  4. Mynx says:

    Not a huge fan of the bikini on me but I dont see why it cant be acceptable for larger girls to wear them if they want. Of course I would prefer them to wear one that actually fits properly, not try to squeeze into one 3 sizes too small.

  5. Thank, Q says:

    I'm with you, Youngman. Confidence is sexy. Sure, there are times some people are overly-confident, but size doesn't always matter when it comes to that.

  6. Thank, Q says:

    Yeah, we definitely prefer that it's the appropriate fit. We'd hate to see a thong snap and someone lose an eye. 🙂

  7. Haven says:

    I wouldn't personally (if I had any extra fat on me which I don't), but ya know what, to each their own. One of the best lessons I learned when I was a stripper, was that everyone is sexy to someone. Everyone appreciates different things and there's a market for people that this appeals to.

  8. Thank, Q says:

    Yes, everyone has a different preference and what may not appeal to one person will be the apple of another person's eye.Hey, I'm going to tweet you. I have a question.

  9. You wouldn't catch me dead in one but I don't have an issue with women wearing them if they are comfortable with it. If you are sexy and comfortable in your own skin then you can usually carry any look but I would think most plus size women draw the line at bikinis.

  10. Thank, Q says:

    Where's your confidence, Jewels! When you go handfishing for the first time, don't you want to catch your catfish while you're wearing a two-piece? 🙂

  11. the Tsaritsa says:

    I think people should wear whatever they want on the beach. What people wear to the office and out on the city streets is another story, however.

  12. lmao not even a little! I do wear two piece bathing suits but they are the tankini's…so nothing shows. lol. I have no problem being in a bathing suit or skinny dipping when the occasion calls for it…but I don't need to be in a bikini. As for the handfishing I'm not sure that is appropriate attire for the recreation. lol.

  13. Thank, Q says:

    The proper attire for handfishing is scuba gear and a shotgun.

  14. Thank, Q says:

    LOL! Good point! Some people wear nightclub gear to work.

  15. Random Girl says:

    I think whether skinny or large, cut and fit are key to swimwear. I personally don't care what someone rocks on the beach but if they look uncomfortable or are constantly adjusting it, I just feel uncomfortable for them..

  16. Thank, Q says:

    Yeah, even skinny girls will do a "squat and tug" now and then due to an uncomfortable thong.

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