I’m Too Sexy for My School

Posted: January 18, 2012 in children, high school, parenting, sexy

School photo or Maxim photo?

“Some people might think it’s a little bit sexy or inappropriate. But I think it’s artistic. I think it’s a good expression of who I am as a person,” Sydney Spies told 9News. “I’m a dancer, I’m trying to be a model, I really enjoy photography and I think that this is a good thing to represent me and I think they are taking away my freedom of expression.”

A Denver high school removed Spies’ school photos simply because they appeared to be too racy. Imagine that. Yeah, 20 years ago, a person would not have even been able to wear that outfit to school, yet alone take a photo in it for a school publication.

Fast-forward to the 21st century and things have changed. The United States has numbed itself to children and their attire. In fact, even the departments in ladies’ clothing stores indicate that society has changed. Here are the different sections these teens can shop in at an average store: Girls, Juniors, Womens, Ladies, Misses and Whores. Okay, maybe I lied on one of those. I don’t think “Ladies” is a real section in a department store.

So, when Spies says that she thinks the outfit is “a good expression of who I am as a person,” who do you think she is?


I’m sure this Spies girl could be a nice person. She may even be an A-student. But, at what point does someone draw the line? Obviously, her mom supports her when it comes to “expressing herself” since she’s picketing for her daughter’s so-called rights. So, no help from the “adult.” At one point in time, school rules were school rules. Now, each year, it seems like there’s some youth movement challenging something. What happened to children being seen and not heard? I guess all of that went out of the window when parents started supporting their children no matter what they wanted to do. “Your teacher took your cell phone just because you were texting in class? The nerve of her! I’m going up to the school tomorrow.”


Let me explain to some of my younger followers who may be too young to know: parents used to tell kids “no” to certain things back in the 20th century. They would say “no” and there wasn’t any further discussion. No negotiating or anything. It was “no” and then silence. They were obligated to raise the child to have standards rather than try to be their friends.

Okay, I know I’m coming off as a butthole to the 20-somethings, but the point I’m trying to make is we have to stop lowering our standards and giving in to everything as a nation. Today, Sydney Spies, tomorrow Dennis Rodman, Jr. will show up to class naked to express himself. When does it stop? Aren’t the prom photos we’ve seen over the last ten years scary enough?

All about expression, right?

Attending a prom or a “Spartacus” audition?

Looks like her expression has already earned her a stalker!
  1. Melanie says:

    what you wear and how you present yourself really does speak volumes…she is screaming, "LOOK AT ME, I'M AN EASY SLUT!" Not, "See how artistic I am…" She wanted attention and certainly got what she wanted. She was on the home page of Yahoo all weekend for crying out loud. Perhaps I have no room to talk since I homeschool my kids (this has a little to do with it), but I say, make them all wear uniforms. Have an official dress code for school pictures. She has plenty of time to express to the world who she is when she is an adult.

  2. Thank, Q says:

    I'm not opposed to uniforms either. I think it puts kids on an even playing field and eliminates the nonsense of name-brand clothing. She really abused the term "expression." I just don't think kids should "express" unless they're artists.

  3. Melanie says:

    Exactly! Plus, their idea of "self expression" now-a-days has been done for years.

  4. Lynn | TOAR says:

    I personally think that there is a line that needs to be drawn. Since I am some what freshly out of high school, I remember girls in my senior class talking about how they are going to get their dress made and what it will look like. They did that NOT because of freedom of expression but because they wanted to set them selves apart from the rest of the girls. They wanted to be unique. Which in turn makes them look like a whore. I think that Prom & Homecoming came from looking elegant to "how fast I can get laid." My prom dress was kind of "racey" Low back, lots of cleavage and a train, bright orange and gold… but some how, it looked classy on me. I think that parents should be a better role models and teach their children some since of style.

  5. Thank, Q says:

    Great comment. To kids, the things they wear make them feel a certain way and I get that. But, they're kids. There's a reason there are age restrictions on certain things because a kid's judgement will be bad a lot of times. That's why parents need to step in and say "no." However, more parents want to be liked by their kids rather than doing what's best for them.

  6. G says:

    Totally love that last pic…I'm all for uniforms in schools…it brings a level of equality. But these days anything goes…and everyone seems to want to be a celebrity.

  7. Seriously, parents are nuts. This is just one example of why I got out of teaching! "My child doesn't like to read, so why should she learn?" "I took him out last night to buy new shoes, so he didn't complete his assignment. Can he have more time?" Priorities people! Put some clothes on, shut your mouth and learn something!

  8. That stalking photobomber is hilarious!And let me just say, as a 20-something– my parents raised me with discipline. I notice that the trend to teach your kids respect is fading somewhat, but there are still parents who don't give into their kids every whim. If only there were more parents like that, we wouldn't have so many brats running around thinking they own the world.

  9. Thank, Q says:

    And the definition of celebrity has changed. It used to be a person with some sort of artistic talent. Now it's a person with more than 1,000 followers on Twitter.

  10. Thank, Q says:

    That would have been frustrating to me. I salute you for once being an educator because it's a thankless, severely underpaid job. I think the parents pose so much more of a problem than the kids do these days.

  11. Thank, Q says:

    Doesn't that kid look upset? The look on his face is priceless. A little Hannibal Lector. And you're right, "Miss Naughton by Nature." Parents who teach respect are becoming rarer each day. Soon they'll be on the endangered species list.

  12. I'm sorry, you said that "Spies Girl" – did you mean that "Spice Girl?"And I do remember back in "our day," Q, that Salt n Pepa sang a lil sumpin' sumpin' about "Express yourself…you've got to be you baby." However, I DON'T think they were talking about expressing yourself as a wannabe-budding HOOKER!I was upset when I found out that the hooligan's elementary school wasn't one that required uniforms. I totally agree about the level playing field thing – plus, it takes the whole friggin' argument about what to wear to school out of the equation (which would do me a HUGE favor! He's only SEVEN and already starting with the, 'I don't want to wear that! The other kids will say I'm a dork!' YOU'RE SEVEN! THAT AUTOMATICALLY MAKES YOU A DORK! Now get dressed, Homer!!). Meanest.Mom.EVER.

  13. Mynx says:

    My kids go to a school that has a uniform. Most of our schools including the government ones enforce a uniform policy.It makes it so much easier for the adults and the kids.I suppose she got her 15 minutes of fame which is what so many young people are about My New Blog – “Lizard Happy”

  14. lol love that last pic!

  15. Thank, Q says:

    "YOU'RE SEVEN! THAT AUTOMATICALLY MAKES YOU A DORK!" Classic! LOL! I like that. Yeah, SnP probably didn't have this in mind when they made this song. Oh, your Spice Girl reference was good, too. Reck's on fire!

  16. Thank, Q says:

    You're right. Kids wanna be famous and they know you don't have to have talent to do so. A la any Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Snooki, etc.

  17. Thank, Q says:

    Yeah, that kid looks like he's one step away from getting a hockey mask and a machete.

  18. Özkur says:

    I felt the article was fairly condescending; in a kind of "Back in my day" kind of thing. I'm not saying I support the way she dresses, or the absence of discipline in today's culture. I do think that if she wants to be a slut, that's her choice. It's up to kids themselves to choose what they wear and the image they want to get across.

  19. Thank, Q says:

    And I totally disagree although I appreciate your honest opinion. It's not up to a kid to decide anything because they're kids. Once she becomes an adult, then she can slut it up all she wants. But, as long as she's around other kids, then her parents are responsible for insuring that she's not corrupting other impressionable minds. And it's true that this was kind of "back in my day" type of post, but all I can do is go by my experiences and compare them to now.Again, thanks for commenting!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Sexual so-called harassment law should not have been passed if we really loved anyone other than ourselves.

  21. Anonymous says:

    The U.S. government in the seventies should have focused more on the environment instead of words of compliments about bosoms,cleavage, rearend, anything else you can think of that should not have become a legal controversy. If you really love someone you don't make an issue out of them complimenting your bosom, unless you love Lucifer. Legalize compliments.

  22. Anonymous says:

    If I can't compliment someones bosom without getting grief for it, having my time wasted with an insincere apology by cowards hiding behind badges using subtle coercion, than I'm not really a free citizen with free speech am I? Thats Obama and the police and women showing their enmity towards me, and not their love.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Lowering our moral standards is when we decide to be a bunch of wiseguys who think it would such a good idea to mistake compliments for so-called sexual harassment, along with mistaking touching someones bosom and kissing for being hassled, and dumb and evil enough to pass such a disgusting,satanic,diabolical,deceitful law is quite detestable in my sight.

  24. Thank, Q says:

    Are you referring to complimenting the girl from the blog post or just adults in general?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Only by you, a peson, male or female should be able to dress how so ever they choose. Just because a girl wears next to nothing, it doesn't make her 'slutty', it's just an expression of her confidence and that she is happy to show her skin, something we all have to wear. Social acceptance does ask us to refrain from being 'inappropriate', but thats another story for another day. Art is rarely understood by anyone but the artist. Keep your opinions to yourself and join in, otherwise go ahead and join the pletherer of ignorance that blights the 21st century

  26. Thank, Q says:

    Art has its place, but not at a school dance. The human body is a beautiful thing, but that's something that should be appreciated by adults and not kids. We have enough esteem issues and teen pregnancies as it is.

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