(Dating) Card Up Your Sleeve

Posted: October 24, 2011 in game, relationship, women

VistaPrint, you marketing devils, you!

Ladies, would you give a guy a chance if he pulled out a dating card on you?

Fellas, would you use one?
  1. Galaxia says:


    ummm no. i would not give him a chance.

    don't try to hand me the same “line” you're using on 249 other girls!

  2. Thank, Q says:

    LOL! Right! Because you know he ordered a 250 or 500 pack. LOL! Good one!

  3. You know…not that I'd take him seriously, but I would TOTALLY have to have a beer with any guy that had a sense of humor good enough to pull that shit. If anything, I'd laugh my ass off (and I'm never opposed to laughing just for the sake of laughing). Matter of fact, I can't believe that I haven't made up some cards like that myself…BAHAHAHA!

  4. *Furiously takes notes*

  5. According to Jewels says:

    I wouldn't, no. How many of those does he give out? I think that is incredibly creepy. There is a difference if he happens to have a business card on it and a pen handy to write his cell on it. If he has business cards with his cell already written on the back (in preparation) that is also a no-no. I know he is out to meet women and get numbers in a logical sense but that kind of preparation, for me, speaks of somebody who isn't genuine and is forcing the connection to meet some kind of a quota. It'd be a no go for me.

  6. Thank, Q says:

    @ Reck – I can see you getting a laugh out of it! 🙂

    @ LiI – Let me know how everything works out for you.

    @ Jewels – He's just circulating his resume, that's all. I guess he's putting all women on notice that they're going to be competing for his services. LOL!

  7. The Empress says:

    The cards would give the impression that he is a serial dater. Every woman likes to feel like she is special and not some guys 2nd, 3rd or 400th choice. A better move would be to ask a woman out directly, get her phone number and perhaps give her his business card for her future reference.

  8. Thank, Q says:

    @ Empress – I agree. It's convenient and maybe cool for a college student hook up, but it's not an adult thing, if you ask me.

  9. Anonymous says:

    My only business card is for my photography. It has me email, picture site and my phone number. I have used it after a girl wants to have some pictures taken though.

  10. Thank, Q says:

    @ Anonymous – I can get with that. A business card is totally different from a dating card, even when used for the same reason. It's just something about a dating card that comes off as very direct. Then again, maybe some people prefer that these days. Who knows?

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