Marriage Talk w/Charli and Tiffany

Posted: July 11, 2011 in interview, marriage

I have a chat with Charli Penn from Man, Wife and Dog and Tiffany Maberry from The Chocolate Knot. Listen to what these bright, young ladies have to say about relationships and marriage. Be sure to check out their blogs and follow!

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  1. 1. so you're name is Quincy eh? I was wondering.. there's not many Q options. hehe.2. love the blog and the concept behind it. there needs to be more like it!!!

  2. Thank, Q says:

    Thanks, BD! Yeah, there aren't too many traditional "Q" names, so I was probably going to be "Quincy" or "Quentin." LOL! Thanks for the compliment!

  3. LilPixi says:

    UGH! Frustrated that I'm so damn busy & overwhelmed lately I've been missing these. =(This week coming up is no exception either. Probably the busiest yet. When that's finally over, I know I'll have time again. I'm making time! =) I miss the show!

  4. Thank, Q says:

    Don't sweat it, Pixi. It's not going any where, so it's cool. Sometimes you just have other things to do, you know? 🙂

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