How Far Will You Go To Save Gas?

Posted: June 23, 2011 in funny, video


I saw this a few Sundays ago while out and about in Jackson.

SN: A happy 70th birthday to my father!

  1. The Empress says:

    >OMG! That reminds me of a clown motorcycle. Is it even legal for him to ride that on the streets?

  2. Thank, Q says:

    >Perfect description! A clown motorcycle that you see at the circus. There's no way that thing can be legal. I'm guessing it's a kid's bike, but I would have carried it on my shoulder before I rode that thing in public!

  3. Mynx says:

    >He does look rather odd. an he would want to be careful not to scrape any body parts on the road

  4. Thank, Q says:

    >LOL @ Mynx! Right! He's not a short guy, so it would seem that his extremities are in danger of collecting asphalt.

  5. LilPixi says:

    >Bwahahahahaha! Aw, man, that's just too fn funny!A guy around here we all grew up with lost his license, but somehow it's legal for him to ride around on a motorized scooter for lil kids, so now we see him on that thing on the side of the road after he had driven nice cars & Harley's for years. LOL

  6. Thank, Q says:

    >Wow, Pixi. He can't just catch a ride with someone? I'm all for being independent, but not if it means parking in front of my job on a Big Wheel.

  7. Alice X says:

    >They're big over here, we call them Mini Mopeds. They look ridiculous and quite dangerous for people with normal sized adult limbs.

  8. Thank_Q says:

    >No way I'd ever fit on one of those. Even if I could, I wouldn't ride it in public. Lol!

  9. >That was just redonkulous! I thought it might have been some new equivalent to how they "drop" the cars and trucks down low on those little mini tires. hahaha But, dude looked like he might have been hurtin' himself riding that thing – with his knees in his nostrils!

  10. Thank, Q says:

    >Reck, I just hope that he avoids pot holes on that thing. It can't be pleasant to hit one.

  11. >I'd drive that thing. Even all the way to Helena Montana, which is now on my sales route! OH THE IRONY!!!

  12. Thank_Q says:

    >If you drive that far, Brandon, then make sure you have a camera crew follow you. Because that would be a miracle if you made it to the city limits of your starting point. LOL!

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