Last Canadian Post, Eh?

Posted: June 13, 2011 in storytelling, travel

>Continued from First Canadian Post, Eh?
Continued from Second Canadian Post, Eh?

Coming out of the hotel onto College Street.

Thursday, 1130 AM EDT
We’re up too late for breakfast at the hotel, so The Mrs. and I decide to try the Golden Griddle across the street. It’s a nice, quiet restaurant with a view of College Street. We decided against getting breakfast at the hotel. Despite the fact that had multiple people recommend that everyone who stays at the hotel eats at the restaurant, I just didn’t see the value in it. $13 for pancakes? $11 for a cup of oatmeal and some fruit? Do they use gold dust to make their food?

So, the decision wasn’t difficult to roll over to the G.G., but they had their issues, too! First of all, the one downside to coming to Canada is my phone. I received a text message from my carrier about 2 miles after crossing the Canadian border that told me I’d be roaming there and charges would apply. Because of that, I chose to turn the data off on my phone which meant no blogging, tweeting, or status updates without Wi-Fi. So, the “Free Wi-Fi” sign in the window made the place even more enticing.

We get inside and the place is nice. A young gentleman seats us and asked for our drink orders. The Mrs. asks for coffee only to discover that they don’t have artificial sweeteners there. It’s sugar or no sweetener at all. Maybe that’s a Toronto thing, I don’t know. Next, I inquire about the Wi-Fi and dude brings out the pass code for me. 15 freaking digits! So, I had to enter this into my device (twice since I missed a letter the first time) just to connect. Two things that have made us unhappy. The last thing to upset us, which was by far the worst, was that dude charged us $1.99 for a glass of water. A glass of water!

“My man, unless you squeezed this water from the tear ducts of a unicorn, I’m not paying you $2 for water not in a bottle.”

Okay, I didn’t say that, but I thought it. The food itself wasn’t bad. I had the steak and eggs and The Mrs. had the pancakes (off the chain), scrambled eggs, and bacon. After breakfast, we hopped in the rental car and drove around Downtown Toronto just to take in sights of the city.

There is so much to see in Toronto! The nightlife is booming and the shopping opportunities are every where. Although my trip to the top of the country wasn’t initially supposed to be about going into Canada, I’m very glad that I did. The two nights we’ve spent here have been great, but now it’s time to do what I came to do…

  1. >When I went to the U of Michigan, we'd always cross the border into Windsor (just across the river from Detroit) b/c Canada's drinking age was 19. Not like we took the opportunity to appreciate anything else about life in another country…ah, young and dumb! Glad you're taking in the sights. I still must insist that NOLA is way more supah fly than anywhere in Canada (sorry, Canadian friends!!!).

  2. Thank, Q says:

    >Go Blue! Traveling across the border to get blitzed while under-aged? Nah, that doesn't happen. :)I guess I'm numb to NOLA at this point. Canada was so much fresher to me. Maybe because everyone was sober. 🙂

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