>Thank You, Honey

Posted: April 13, 2011 in marriage, The Mrs.

>Today, The Mrs. and I celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary. I want to give props to the woman who has put up with me and my ways for the past nine years (plus the four years we dated).

She has helped me improve upon myself and become a better man. Not by turning me into some sort of science project, but by recognizing the things that I do well and supporting them. She does not try to make me into something that I’m not. She allows me to be me and that’s one of the most important things that can be done in a relationship. The moment you try to change someone who doesn’t want to be changed, you’ll have conflict.

So, I wanted to take the time to take her for being in my corner. Thanks for listening to me bounce blog topics off of you when you would rather be reading. Thanks for providing me with blog topics from time-to-time as well. Thanks for being the most wonderful woman that I guy could ask for in a mate.

The Mrs. eating cake at a friend’s wedding. This is probably my favorite photo of her. She will hate me for posting it.
  1. >Congrats. I hit 7 years, and everyone started itching. You made it beyond the hump, so I have major respect for you.

  2. squatlo says:

    >You posted a shot of your lovely wife eating cake and think she might hate you for posting it? Duh! Mine would slap my kidneys up around my ears for such a transgression!Congrats on the anniversary, and I really hope you survive this blog post long enough to rack up fifty more!

  3. This Daddy says:

    >Congrats to both of you. Tracy and I will be at 11 years on Friday. I am a huge fan of LOVE and it is great to see couples make it. Hope you both have a great Anniversay

  4. cakeologist says:

    >Congratulations! My husband and I will celebrate lucky 13 this year. I wish you many more years of happiness!

  5. Sonia says:

    >Congrats to you both my friend. I hope there are another 30+ plus years to add to that. I am not married, but happily tied to the best boyfriend in the world for the last 6 yrs.

  6. The Empress says:

    >Congratulations on nine happy years! Here is to love!!

  7. G says:

    >Well done…I'm just about to take the plunge and it's always good to hear of people really making it work

  8. Thank, Q says:

    >Thanks for the kind words, everyone. She's actually been down (physically) today. She slept awkwardly and woke up with a stiff neck. She got a massage this afternoon, so hopefully she will feel better soon. Sucks for her to be sore on her anniversary, but we're still having a great time.

  9. Tiffany says:

    >Congratulations! It'll be 2 years for us soon 🙂

  10. Thank, Q says:

    >Thanks, Tiffany!

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