>The Stunner Championship Begins Now!

Posted: April 2, 2011 in mommy confessions, my own private idaho, stunner, tournament

> * NEW * The winner of The Stunner will also receive a $25 Visa gift card.

Ladies and gentlemen… in the red corner, with a record of 3-0, out of Philadelphia, PA… from MommyConfessions.com… Michelle!

Here is her championship post! Click to open her post in another window and see if it’s worthy of your vote! ———————————————->

In the blue corner, also with a record of 3-0, raised in Riverside, CA…from LostInIdaho.me… Brandon!

Here is his championship post! Click to open his post in another window and see if it’s worthy of your vote!

The winner will get their name added to The Stunner Award to be displayed exclusively on their blogsite! Voting ends 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Monday, April 4th!

  1. >62 votes cast already, and it's a 50/50 tie too. Wow!Also, I apologize for the semi-controversial tone of my post. I've been getting some scathing comments about it, and it wasn't meant to offend. Just trying to live up to the Stunner's theme.

  2. Thank, Q says:

    >Don't apologize for a blog post. Personally, I think you described it well and never offered an insult to the parties involved.

  3. >I was not offended. But, I'm a little more forgiving since I often blog about stuff that is deemed "offensive" too.

  4. >You are, however, making it hard for me to take the high road here! "This Is War"?? Really? LOL!

  5. Floyd says:

    >The tension! This is exciting.

  6. >Not war against you, per se, but war as in I'm in it to win it now. I was having fun, and am still having fun, but I want to shove a victory into the face of the people who sent me the 'anonymous' hate mail.I have blogged about religion, politics, handicapped people, and dudes in spandex morphsuits. I'm always up for a healthy conversation, and debate is always welcome.But attacking anonymously sent me over a proverbial edge. It's war on the haters, not war on Michelle.I can honestly say that I've spent hours on your blog, reading old posts and laughing. I'm a parent of 2, and can relate to a lot of what you say. Even though you're an opponent today, I'm going to be a follower for much longer than that.Much love. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be calling upon the army of Team Tater to assault the polls… 😀

  7. >I too am now following your blog. And don't worry- if I have a problem with one of your posts, I will definitely use my name in the comments! 🙂

  8. >I think we all know that the real winner here is Q, who has probably gotten a TON of hits from this whole thing!! LOL! I think he owes us both a gift card. And permanent sidebar advertising… for free.

  9. >How is it possible that is a dead heat!? Unreal!

  10. Thank, Q says:

    >@ Michelle, "duh, winning!" The winner will have their face and link plastered on my page some where, so don't sweat that. There will be a permanent spot on the site for all of the Stunner Final Four.

  11. >Well, two popular-ish blogs going to battle, I expected it to be fairly even.Honestly, if one of us got 70% of the vote, where would the excitement be?Oh, and Q, I live in Idaho Falls, Idaho now. Riverside was my old residence. Kind of. Grew up there, but haven't lived there in about 6 years. =p

  12. Thank, Q says:

    >Well, when I said "out of Riverside" I was referring to "from," but maybe the terminology is strictly a southern thing. My bad.

  13. squatlo says:

    >Quincy, we have a problem! When I threw in the towel (turned my king on its side/ran for home with my tail between my legs) I had no idea PRIZE MONEY WAS INVOLVED!!!I demand a recount! I want Curious George W's recount team from the 2000 election sent to your computer ASAP.Here's the reason: I promised everyone who voted for me 75% of the prize money for their votes. When I made that mathematically impossible offer there was no prize money? Get it? 75% of nuttin' means nuttin'…Now I'm on the hook for 18.25 per voter, and I got over 40 votes!I'm calling the judge…

  14. >Squat- throw those 40 voters my way and I'll pay off your debt. LOL 😉

  15. >BTW squat, I loved your recent comment on my submission post. Balls the size of melons? I don't want to sit down now!

  16. >What I wanna know is how can I score 25 votes in 15 minutes? Tips? I guess you don't wanna share your secret huh?

  17. >Hey Q, I just got 3 messages on Facebook from friends who tried to vote today and said they couldn't vote. Any idea why? They said this was the first time they were voting at this level of the competition?

  18. Thank, Q says:

    >@ Michelle, they couldn't vote? Are they U.S. citizens? LOL! J/K. What browser are they using? I've tested everything except Opera, I think, with no problems.@ Squatlo, Michelle and Brandon are arguing over which charity to donate the prize to, so maybe they can just donate it to you to pay off your debts. :)I know one thing: when this is all over, I'm going to take a nice long nap! These two weeks have been taxing! I'm on my laptop as soon as I get home from work until bed time. I have 10 days off from the job starting next week and I will set my blog site on auto pilot in the duration. LOL!

  19. Thank, Q says:

    >Have you all checked out the Consolation Round match-up? It's a two-way tie for 1st place and the next place person is only four votes down.

  20. >Q- are you available to talk for about 2 minutes? I can email you, Facebook, whatever.

  21. Thank, Q says:

    >Sure. Hit me up via Twitter DM.

  22. >Ha! I just sent you an email actually. Woulda been too long for 140 anyway.

  23. >I casted my vote in the consolation round too. Good luck everyone!

  24. >400 votes cast? Are you kidding me!? I think Idaho really IS outside holding up a voting sign! It's getting hard to keep up. I'm running out of people to ask to vote! LOL

  25. Thank, Q says:

    >Where are all of these votes coming from? Are you all running TV ads?

  26. >I started visiting people that follow me. I have about 30-40 people that regularly comment me, but over 450 followers. I've been visiting as many blogs of my followers as possible (the ones that don't visit me anymore) and soliciting them. Between that and harassing my friends & family on FB, I think I'm done pimping my blog. For a WHILE. Marketing is tiring work.

  27. >Okay, I think that's an unfair advantage… I have children to tend to dammit! LOL! Who has time for that kind of campaigning?!

  28. >When you think about it, I actually didn't really campaign all that well. Only 280 votes cast. I have 440 Google followers, 3,974 Twitter followers, 240 email subscribers, 1,180 Feedburner subscribers, 345 personal Facebook friends, and 2,347 people who follow me on my blog's Facebook page.WTF? Where the hell was everybody? I think my 280 votes were from my family. 😉

  29. >Can I just say THANK YOU for not putting forth the effort I did? If you got about 3/4 of your followers to vote, like I ended up doing, I would have been flattened so much I'd be in therapy sessions for the next 5 years…Still, with that said, I'd like about 12 hours of my Sunday back. Sheesh.

  30. >Oh I put forth the effort- people just suck. LOL! Kidding. I kid. Everyone who voted for me has my eternal gratitude.

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