>Mommy Knows Best!

Posted: March 29, 2011 in fave 4, mommy confessions, stunner, tournament

>Michelle W (Mommy Confessions) takes the last spot in the Fave 4 with a convincing victory! The match was close for a couple of days, but Michelle pulled away with 24 hours to go to a comfortable margin. With the victory over The Empress (The Ranter’s Box) by a score of 111-85, she has also secured a guaranteed spot in next year’s tournament and an interview on The Thank, Q Radio Show with the other Fave 4 members (if she so chooses).

Mommy Confessions will move on to face Colorful Rants of a Fed Up Sista in the Fave 4!

Congratulations to The Empress for her run in this year’s tourney! She has really made a name for herself! She will receive an automatic spot in October’s Qualifier if she accepts the invite.

Michelle, can you submit your 3rd blog link for the Fave 4 as soon as you can, please? (If you haven’t already.) The Fave 4 will start shortly after receiving it.


Scoreboard and blog post entries and results here!

  1. >Thank you!! And thanks to The Empress for being a scary competitor. I had to beg, borrow and steal to get people over here to check out this contest!

  2. Thank, Q says:

    >LOL! Hey, do what it takes! You'll have your hands full in the Fave 4 going up against Falen. She has a cult following!

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