>Consolation Round Starts Tomorrow

Posted: March 28, 2011 in consolation round, tournament

>I have blog posts from the following participants:

The Life of Ann James, the Tsaritsa sez, his Daddys Blog, The Reckmonster, and Yeah. Good Times.

I’m still missing posts from:

LogAllot, Writing Assassin, Jersey Diva Mom, EmDottie, and Diana Dishes.

Can you please send your posts to rqs007@gmail.com by 8 PM Eastern Time, Tuesday, March 29th?

If for any reason I cannot receive blog posts for all of the last five people before tomorrow night, then I will extend the offer up to the first five people who comment. This excludes anyone who participated in the 2nd Round of The Stunner tournament.


  1. ManWifeDog says:

    >You can certainly count Man Wife and Dog Blog in! Hate to say I hope someone flakes, but hey!P.S. FIRST!!!Remember the early days of blog commenting? That was like the BIGGEST thing ever!Man Wife and Dog Blog

  2. >I saw your tweet to come here and read, however I'm in the middle of moving….so if you wanted a blog post from me I'm sorry I have to "flake". But thanks for the offer!CBGcanadianbloggergirl.blogspot.com

  3. Sonia says:

    >I got you Q. Sent this morning to your email.

  4. tinzley says:

    >Q, Can you extend the offer? I'm having a slight issue that hindered me from sending a post. Working from my I phone. I will send it for sure 2morrow. Thanks!

  5. Thank, Q says:

    >Hi, Tinzley! Unfortunately, I can't. I was hoping to get started this evening. Is there a favorite post on your site you can tell me the title and I can go retrieve it for you?@CBG, I appreciate you chiming in and I'm sorry you're not able to make it, but I understand! Thanks for responding and good luck on the move!

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