>I Hope The Wagon Runs Over You

Posted: November 28, 2010 in bandwagon, fans, football, haters, nfl


After my Dallas Cowboys dropped a heartbreaking loss to the New Orleans Saints on Thanksgiving Night, I had to return to Facebook to face the music from the haters. No big deal. The Cowboys have lost 8 out of 11 this season, so I’ve done my share of dealing with the insults. Besides, I’m a true fan, so facing the music is just part of being one. Unless you’re one of the many bandwagoners out there in the world.

Oh, how I hate the bandwagon fan. For those not into sports, the bandwagon fan is the loser who either pulls for whichever team is winning or they lay in hiding until the game is over and then rear their ugly heads to say “I told you my team would win.”

I have a problem with these people. Back at my last job, whenever the ‘Boys would lose, I’d have a select few show up at my desk that day after to gloat. I would hear all sort of “your Cowgirls suck” insults. But, whenever the ‘Boys won, they were nowhere to be found. No phone calls. No texts or tweets. They are too cowardly to get a dose of their own medicine.

Some people are bandwagoners in their relationships. When everything is going well, they’re the best girlfriend/boyfriend in the world. But when things hit the fan, they’re ready to move on to the next best thing.

When your mate has a great job and they’re in great health/shape then you’re all smiles all the time. You brag to your friends on how good you have it.

But, if they lose their job, get a serious illness or gain weight, then you are ready to drop them quicker than some of those Cleveland Cavaliers fans who traded their LeBron jersey for a Miami Heat jersey.

People need to learn the value of loyalty. Once you commit to something, then stick to it regardless of how sour it gets. If they lose their job, then help them get their resume in order. If they gain weight, then be encouraging about losing it by exercising with them. If they get extremely sick, then don’t let them go through it alone. Be supportive and try to make their life easier. Unless that person is doing something to you that becomes bad for your health (someone who’s emotionally/physically abusive), then show some character by being true.

Because you bandwagoners always lose eventually. Every single one of you that are out there. That’s why you “switch teams” so often because you are not emotionally stable enough to be viewed as a “non-winner.” That low-self esteem means that ultimately, you will fall off the bandwagon. And when you do, I hope the wagon runs over you.


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