>Don’t Blame Kids. It’s the Parents’ Fault.

Posted: November 5, 2010 in children, discipline, parenting

>If you’re the sensitive, can’t-read-anything-that-hits-close-to-home type of person, then “x” out of this page now.

A lot of today’s parents are lazy. Just as lazy as they want to be. They do everything except raise their kids in a proper fashion. So many times, it’s so easy to blame the kids when we see some of them acting out in public.

My take on it: don’t blame kids. It’s the parents’ fault.

Now, for the people who know me or have read my bio, they’re saying to themselves, “Self, Quincy doesn’t have any kids. Who is he to tell me that I’m not a fit parent?”

Well, there are plenty of male doctors who have delivered babies successfully without ever being pregnant. That goes to show that you don’t have to do in order to know. All it takes is paying attention. And I’m not expert, but I’m no dummy either.

If you want to know if you qualify as a lazy parent, then peep the list below:

1. If your kid(s)can’t ride in your vehicle, during a local trip, without you turning on a DVD on the rear seat TV, then you’re a lazy parent. If you can’t converse with your kid(s) while travelling locally around town, then you shouldn’t have had them. I will almost go as far to say that a TV isn’t ever needed in a vehicle, but I can see the usefulness in them on long vacations. Riding in a car for kids was actually fun at one time. You counted certain color cars or screamed “bingo” for some of them (half of you may not know what I’m talking about, so Google it). There were word games to play or maybe you just took a nap or read a book. Whatever it was, it was more productive then seeing “Monsters vs. Aliens” for the 75th time. If you need a DVD to distract your child on a short trip, then you’re lazy.

2. If your kids go with you to Rated: R movies, then you’re a lazy parent. I knew some kids back in the day who knew all of the lines to the comedy “Friday”. Why were you kids in the theater with you for a Rated: R movie? Too lazy or cheap to find someone to keep them? I didn’t see my first Rated: R movie until I was 12 years old (“Purple Rain”) and I had to sneak to see that. People, let your kids be kids and stopping putting them around adult situations. Some things are way too early for pre-teens to see and hear for the first time.

3. If your kid only wants to be a singer, rapper, or athlete and you encourage it, then you’re a lazy parent. Too many kids want to be what they see on TV and if that is all your child aspires to be, then you’re misguiding them some where. Sure, these types of dreams come true, but the odds of them doing so are slimmer than a “Cosmo” model on a crack diet. Kids should have role models that they know. How can an athlete, celeb, etc. be a role model if the only thing you know about them is from what is released in the media in the form of movies, TV, print and web? What exactly can someone who doesn’t know your child teach your child? Whatever it is, it’s not as effective as what you could teach with a hands-on approach.

Being a good parent means spending time with your kid(s). Sit down with them and watch TV every now and then to not just know what they’re watching, but explain anything complicated. The one thing that helped me as a child was the fact that my father watched everything with me. From cartoons to Westerns, we spent a lot of time together while I was young and I really think that it helped me. There were other things he could have been doing, but he chose to spend time with me.

Society keeps us busy today. Some parents have multiple jobs or some are single parents. Finding the time isn’t always easy. And even when you do have time, sometimes you just want to relax. Sure, you may wish you had a break now every once and a while, but be patient and put the child first. It will definitely pay off in the long run. After they’re grown, you’ll have the rest of your life to enjoy and a child who will make you proud.

No one said that raising a child was easy. Most people really try their best and I have the utmost of respect for them. But, for those who don’t try? Meh….

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