>A Lady’s Application for a Good Man

Posted: August 29, 2010 in apply, job, man, mature, position, real, status

Instructions: Have your man fill out the below application in its entirety (or do it for him).

Relationship status:
Married(+50)_ Separated(+31)_ Divorced(+3 each)_ Boy(+31)/Girlfriend(+2)_ Jump off(+1)_ Single/Widowed(0)_

Yes(+2)_ No(0)_ En route(+3)_ Possible(+1)_

(If “yes” or “en route”, then number of children and baby mamas: _(+1 each) and _(+3 each)
(subtract -3 points if applicant has custody of child/children)

Criminal record:
Yes(+5)_ No(0)_
(If “yes”, then how many felonies(+15 each)_ misdemeanors (+3 each)_

Have you ever assaulted a woman?
Yes(+20)_ No(0)_

Drop out(+10)_
High school diploma(+4)_
Some college(+2)_
Associates degree(+1)_
Bachelors/Active student(0)_

Employed full time:
Yes(0)_ No(+10)_
(subtract -2 for second job)

Employment history:
Please enter your last three jobs including current:
(subtract -3 for every $20,000 of salary over $30,000)

Credit score:
More than 760(-2)_
700 to 759(0)_
620 to 699(+2)_
Less than 620(+5)_


History of contagious diseases/infections:
Yes(+5)_ No(0)_ Awaiting results(+1)_

Valid driver’s license:
Yes(0)_ No(+10)_

Vehicle (motorcycles not included):
Yes(0)_ No(+10)_

Owns residence/rents apartment:
Yes(0)_ No(+5)_

Does anyone live with you? Yes(+2 each)_ No(0)_

Recent Dating History:
Please enter how your last long-term relationship ended
(no score / for references only)
(For recruiter use only below this point)

Instructions: Add the scores for each answer to determine eligibility for position.

Scoring Key
36 or higher -> Extremely unqualified
26 to 35 -> Unqualified
16 to 25 -> Average
6 to 15 -> Qualified
1 to 5 -> Extremely qualified


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