>Do Vampires Suck Now?

Posted: August 14, 2010 in blood, cw, dracula, hbo, horror, series, sookie, tv, twilight, vampire

>I know that I’m in the minority, but if I never see another commercial for a new TV series or movie about a vampire love story, then I’ll be perfectly okay with that.

What has happened to vampires? They used to be so cool and mysterious, but now they’re love-sick chumps who will drink synthetic/animal blood to avoid draining humans. Huh?

I know I constantly remind you all that I’m old school and I have a difficult time liking things today just because a bunch of other people like it. I get that. But vampires are so pathetic now! They fall in love with some human and basically risk dying over them every episode/sequel.

Some of you are probably already thinking, “but Q, Dracula was a love story because he wanted a bride”. No, Dracula wasn’t in love, that dude was selfish. He didn’t want to spend eternity with lonely nights in his coffin, so he went to find someone to hook up with for a few centuries. He didn’t care if the woman he chose wanted him or not. He made her want him. Even if it meant hypnosis. That’s how the Count got down.

Not now though. A series like “True Blood”, where vampires live amongst humans and try to fit in, make no sense to me. I watched two episodes and found myself scratching my head. Sookie loves some vampire and he defends her from other vampires. I don’t watch the show, so I know little more than that. All of my FB friends plead with me to give it a try, but I simply refuse to do it (Sorry, O. My apologies, Z).

I’ve never seen a “Twilight” movie (or at least more than 10 minutes of one), but I’m surprised at how many people flock to see these pale, teen-aged guys, with their shirts off, changing into animals. I guess if people can watch four or five movies about a boy wizard, then vampires aren’t a far cry from that. Come to think of it, instead of blogging, maybe I should be working on a sci-fi love story about Bigfoot falling in love with a talking unicorn or something. Hmmmm…. No sense in me not getting paid.

Now there are undead shows spawning left and right: “Vampire Diaries”, “The Gates” and whatever other vampire soap operas I’m forgetting. A complete 180-degree turn from “Blade” or “Underworld” or even “From Dusk Til Dawn” where vampires are all about the killing. Aren’t people supposed to run from vampires instead of trying to co-exist with them?

To each their own. You vampire soap opera lovers have a right to like anything you want just like I have a right to hate on it. Just stop trying to convince me that it’s the best show or best movie ever. As far as I’m concerned when it comes to modern-day vampires, I think they suck.

  1. Jim says:

    >a thousand dittos, Q. a thousand dittos….

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